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Hollywood ...

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Up at 5.15am... Noisy road and we all wanted to get the room moved ASAP!
Got up and headed off to Hollywood to see if we could make it as movie stars!
We drove past Paramount Studios - HUGE and then reached Hollywood and Highland where we parked at the Kodak Theatre - this is where the Oscars are held every february.
We immeidately were accosted by ticket sales guys but we had decided to take a tour of the homes of the stars.
We took some photos of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard and the many handprints and footprints left by the famour actors and actresses - (and some people from Twilight)
The tour was great - first we went up into the Hollywood Hills to take pics of the Hollywood sign - will upload later!
We saw around 50 stars homes including:
Steven Spielberg - Denzel Washington - Christina Aguilera - Jack Nicholson -  Matt Damon - Halle Berry - Britney Spears - Julia Roberts - The Beckhams - Adam Sandler - Morgan Freeman - Lionel Richie - The Jonas Brothers - Jennifer Aniston - Elvis (he's dead though) - Sandra Bullock - JLo - Madonna - Al Pacino - Pierce Brosnan - Leonardo Di Caprio - Tom Selleck - Kevin Costner - Courtney Cox - Toby Mcguire - and Keanu Reeves
After the tour we went to the disney Soda Fountain and Store and had sundaes and shopped !
Then we headed to The Grove and The Farmers Market which was amazing so pretty lit up for Xmas - 
For dinner we had a Brazilian BBQ which was delicious and well recommended if ever you are offered Brazilian BBQ!
We then went off to find Toys R Us  - we actually ended up visiting 2....
Also weird fact ... TK Maxx here is called TJ Maxx...
See you tomorrow!


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