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Dam Hoovering - sorry Rich for nicking your joke

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Copped out of full blogging today... 
We left Vegas and headed to Boulder City to take in the Hoover Dam whilst we were close.
Absolutely amazing smaller than I imagined but awesome all the same. We spent about an hour crossing over and back and taking it all in.
Tay, me and Hay had In N Out Burgers today .... Unbelievably amazing ... 
We then headed to LA and stopped at an amazing outlet mall on the way Ontario Mills - I won't bore you with the details but it was a fruitful day of savings for all of us!
We reached LA around 6.30pm - I knew we had reached LA as Hayley lockd the doors... Surprisingly she was shocked when we were shopping that alot of the people here are 'hispanic' (Hayley views LA through Rose tinted Beverly Hills oversized sunglasses!!)
Anyway arrived at the hotel Mr C Beverly Hills - first issue of the trip - they gave us wrong room - really noisy facing the City - they are moving us tomorrow to Bev Hills view and wiped off the Valet charge for tonight ... $33!!!! anyway off to bed now and tomorrow will find cheap place to park!!


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