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Flight and Arrival in the US

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Well after being packed for over a month it was finally time to depart!

Graham picked us up just before 9 and managed to drop us to Heathrow for 11am..

Thought we'd got the weights of the cases right.... WRONG... bit of shifting bits soon sorted that then we were checked in...


Flight departed at 3.40 so only 25 minutes later than planned - we had extra leg room seat courtesy of an old school friend of mine nice and comfy. Kids were great but then they were split up for the entire 11 hour flight..


Arrived in LA at 6.35PM local time - cleared immigration... just... in about 25 minutes so just under the airports expectation - cases were already off so grabbed them and we were off to pick up the car...


All the type of car we ordered were gone from the bays and we nearly had an old pick up truck which would of been impossible as we have so much luggage! Anyway within 6 minutes the helpful valet guys had sorted out 8 cars to choose from ... We went for the Maxda CX-7 which turned out to be the best choice !

Eyes weary we managed to get to Carlsbad for the start of our stay in under an hour and a half- we checked in hit the sack and zzzzZZZZ




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