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A new beginning...Fuzhou

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After much thought and careful debate, Mel and I decided it was in our best interests' (mentally and physically) to say buh-bye to Zhanjiang and move on to another city...a city we felt would be a better fit. We put our letters of resignation into the school we were working at in Zhanjiang, and applied for a teaching position in Fuzhou (located in the Fujian Provience between Hong Kong and Shanghai). Upon acceptance and in a desperate franic to save our sanity we went back to our apartments and started plotting our next move...first we booked out tickets to Fuzhou...then we got a few bottles of wine and two cases of beer to drink during our survival packing session. Once we were three glasses of wine down, we started tearing through the apartment for reminents of our belongings and threw them into our suitcases in no particular order. It was sensational, orgasmic even...every part of my body tingled with excitement...truly no man has ever made me feel that satisfied. Once everything was cleared out of our apartment we took turns sitting on each others suitcases while the other tried to zip them up.

My thoughts were racing, and I was unable to control them or fall asleep so I stayed up all night watching Netflix and drinking a glorious mixture of cheap wine with little pieces of cork and jelly (? bottoms up! ;) ) in it.

The next morning we went downstairs to the school office, signed out of our no contract agreements, got our luggage and hailed a cab. Our ride to the airport was truly unforgettable, I imagine it was the same sensation prisoners feel when they are newly released from prison...freedom...happiness...better days...a hopeful future...all awaiting our arrival.

Once we arrived at the airport we checked our bags, sat at the only bar in the airport, had some freedom beers, literally 'cheersing' after each sip while playing cards next to the chimney smoking Chinese men. So this is what near freedom tastes beer and second hand smoke Mmmmmmm...much better than pantsless Chinese men jerking off to the foreigners (see blog 1)...

After a 2 1/2 hour plane ride and 4 hour layover we arrived in Fuzhou...tired and hungover yet beaming with excitement. Time for China take 2:

Our new boss was already waiting for us outside of the airport gates with the school driver. On our way to our new apartment he told us all about Fuzhou, answered our questions and asked some of his own. After 30 minutes or so we were at our new apartment, while he was turning the key to unlock the door our feet tapped nervously and silently asked ourselves the following questions:

Would there be tons of cockroaches like our last apartment?

Would we have a squatter toilet, or we would finally be able to pee without soaking our feet in urine and getting a leg workout? (Which just to clarify and update...I am almost squatter trained because I have nearly mastered the ability to urinate without totally soaking my feet while using the squatter...but, do to the inability to control the backsplash, I still feel more comfortable wearing shoes than going in barefoot)

Would there be a plant growing out of our shower drain? (as there was in our last kidding..we named it Berta and almost picked it out and brought it with us but we didn't want to take it from it's natural habitat and stick it in foreign land)

And most importantly...would the beds be wooden planks covered with a sheet that bruise the whole back side of your body while you sleep, or would we finally be able to sleep through the night in peace rather than pain?

Deep breath.

He opened the door, and, Whoa...different provience, different apartment, different world...

Our new apartment turned out to be huge, with no plant growing from the drain, or baby cockroaches climbing in and on everything, equipt with a normal toilet and beds that are decently comfortable!

We were finally free from our prison....


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