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Goodbye Hawks Bay and the North Island....

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We woke up feeling a little tired after our trip but ready to start something we had promised to Rachel that we would do before we left…to paint the outside of her house! So we began and roped Codie into coming round and helping. We begin and realise that this job may be a bit bigger than we thought and of course before Rachel could help, she had things to do, hehe! She asked her friend Kim to come over and have a look at the colour and she ended up mucking in and we were all on doing the first coat in the sunshine! After 6 hours we had finished the first coat and decided to do the second the next day…oh my god after we finished we were bloody cream crackered so we got a shower and went to the Irish pub for some yummy pub grub! The next day we woke up and began to do the second coat, as we were beginning my mam called on Skype and who ended up speaking to her, well of course it was Rachel so me and Sam cracked on with the painting and Rachel had a good old catch up and was saying “oooo I haven’t talked to Juliet in ages”…4 hours later the second coat is finished and we spent the rest of the night having a well-earned relax.


In the morning we headed to Kim’s, she used to be a hairdresser so she could give our hair a little trim because even though I appreciate Sam’s efforts when cutting my hair with the shaver, it is always quite nice to have someone who knows what they are doing to give it a little chop. We got back and it was time to get ourselves sorted for Blues, Brews and BBQ’s. A few people were coming to Rachel’s beforehand for pre afternoon drinks and then after a few we made our way to the event which was held on the local show ground. It was a beautiful day; there were different drink tents everywhere, a stage with local bands playing different music, there was lots of people just chilling on the grass…it was just a really super atmosphere. As soon as we got there Sam signed me, her, Mark and Dave up for a dodge ball tournament. We got in the cage that was in the middle of the field and our opposition was four guys in their 20’s, we were 2 girls and 2 old guys but no turning back now! We kept sending Sam out to get the balls and she would just get pelted from all angles, hehe! We seemed to keep losing by crossing the middle line; at one point I went to throw the ball, fell and slid over the line and she blew her whistle…I was shoutingat her, (in a fun way) calling her a line Nazi and that it was the momentum, I didn’t win her over but was funny. Dave kept getting in the foetal position and kept shouting “no head shots” hehe! We lost but had fun while losing, good entertment and we didn’t get too hot and sweaty! We spent the afternoon chatting, drinking and having fun. The later it got, the more messy things got but in a good way…I started running after a guy who painted sponge bob on himself and hassled him for lots of photos and I think I may have scared him a tiny bit! Then the police started to run and I got in puppy mode and started to run beside one of the security, she turned to me, grabbed my arm and said “DON’T!” hehe…I just started running the other way! A few days earlier we had been told that when we go to Bali that they want people for photo’s for advertisement for Bali and Catrina (Jacks Philippino girlfriend) had said to Rachel “can I do it” to which she replies “no Asians allowed!!” then we ask if we can do it and she says that we can so we spent the night taking silly photos, play fighting and saying “gays in, Asians out!” When the night ended we headed out and someone was at their car shouting “Tracey”…I popped up and said “I could be a Tracey” they unfortunately did not want to take me up on my offer and were more interested in finding the real Tracey…god some people are so picky, hehe! We made it back to Rachel’s for an after party, I ended up being sick and Sam tried to put me to bed but I had other ideas; so when everyone had gone thinking I would go to bed, I sneaked out of the window and crawled back to the house on my hands and knees, bit Rachel on the foot then sat up at the table in my knickers and top with no bra and just sat there and ate crisps! We all chatted, some people kept drinking (I was on the water) then around 1am we all headed to bed! Amazing day!


The next morning I woke up feeling a little queasy but Rachel took us to the Farmers Market, which was at the same place as Blues, Brews so it was quite funny going back to the same place the very next day! It was another nice day and the place had loads of little stalls selling all different types of food and drinks everything from cheese to vodka! Our first stop was of course where ever sold the bacon sandwiches…Rachel nearly died when they said it would be a 10minute wait but we kept her entertained by getting her some juice. It was great though; there was an old man playing the acoustic guitar, lots of people and again just a really nice atmosphere. We got our sandwiches, which is followed by 2 words…SPOT ON! Then we headed off to have a look at all the different stalls and Rachel’s favourite bit, the tasting…when we had got as much free food as possible we got out of there! Then we headed down to Mark and Sarah’s (they had been at blues, brews and got so drunk they spent the night in Rachel’s outhouse, we had been promoted to the main house!) Then we’re making a big fry up breakfast and we didn’t want to let on that we had eaten so ended up having another breakfast, I usually love being a pig out but I was forcing it down a bit! After dipping our feet in the pool, laughing about the night before and feeling far too full we headed up to see Gail and say our goodbyes to her…in the middle of it all being in hangover mode we all got a bit silly and laughing at nothing really, I bet Gail thinks we’re crazy! After a long day we headed back to Rachel’s to watch some Peter Kay and get ready for flying back to Dunedin.


Woke up and once again and it is time to move on and say our goodbyes. We got all packed up then headed to the airport with Rachel, Dave, the girls and the dogs who were flying with us back to Christchurch then we were all piling in the car that we left at Christchurch. While we were getting the dogs prepared Tracey (Rachel’s friend who also went to Blues, Brews) came to the airport to say goodbye which was really sweet but luckily we will see her in Bali. So we said our goodbyes and got on a teeny tiny plane that even had propellers which made Sam a little nervous but luckily it was quite an easy flight and she got down without any problems and the boys were fine in the cage but unfortunately they didn’t send them out on the conveyor belt which I was excited to see, bloody rubbish! We got picked up by Martin, so we went over to his and Karen’s for a quick drink and then hit the road and made our way back to Dunedin!


So we’ve had an amazing time in the North of New Zealand; again meeting family I never really knew I had and new people who are now in our lives and I think always will be. The North Island was very beautiful and enjoyed seeing lots of different and unique things! Thanks for everything all you North Island people…it has been incredible!


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