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Road Trip to lake Taupo and Rotorua...

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After all the drama with the car we finally reach the day of the road trip. It is an early start so we can drop Karen at work before we head on our way! We hit the road and make our first stop at Debretts, which is just outside of Taupo; it is a thermal hot pools complex. The weather was kind of cold and wet but made the hot pools really nice but it was like a really really hot bath and I always seem to get quite irritated in a hot bath so I had to keep going in and out (yet another sign I’m not a real girl, who doesn’t like to relax in a hot bath!!) All around the pool was signs telling you not to dip your head in the water as it may lead to meningitis and in the next pool a dad is dipping his 2 year old daughter right under the water, I mean really…every time Sam joked and splashed me a little I was shouting at her telling her she might give me meningitis, hehe! So we left there feeling so relaxed and warm, ummm! Next stop was Huka Falls, which is really beautiful fast running river and a waterfall not quite of Niagara Falls proportion but never the less it was very pretty! We drove to some places for a few pictures, one of which was a little prawn farm where you can go and get a fishing rod and catch yourself some prawns, was a little expensive so we decided to just nose around and take pictures. We then stopped at Lake Taupo to have a little look around and took a lunch stop at a sushi bar, yum yum!! Weather was still pretty rubbish so we decided to head to our hostel in Rotorua which we booked for a very cool £10 a night and it was called Cactus Jack’s backpackers, how very cool! We arrived and I loved it instantly, it was bright yellow, cactuses all around outside and a big painting of a Mexican on the front entrance wall, brilliant! We settled in and got a top bunk each in a room of 8, it was filled primarily with the Germans which we were excited about due to our running German theme with Charlotte, we text her straight away, hehe! Got on with the culinary skills and by that I mean we added some water to a packet of noodles and put them in the microwave, played some pool and watched some TV and chatted to a French guy, very open chilled place which was good due to the crap weather. I had fell asleep while Sam was reading her book in bed when the German lady asked Sam if she could turn the main light off, Sam agreed even though she could of quite happily carried on reading, so she turns the light off then the German has the cheek to get her torch out and carry on reading, bloody Germans, hehe! This same German had just got naked in front of Sam 10 minutes previous and decided to whisper in the morning but did it in the loudest whispering voice you could imagine…Sam was unimpressed by this specific German lady, hehe!


We woke up feeling refreshed but unfortunately still wet weather but never the less excited for our activity; we headed to a little town outside of Rotorua to do the horse trek that we had booked on grab one, £15 for an hour, bloody bargain! Before we went we popped to the supermarket of a random little town and walked past a huge guy with a mongrel mob top on and tattoos all over his face…all the convicts and crazy people we came across in American and this guy is with his woman doing shopping and I’m worried, god sake! We got to the horse riding place and while we were waiting there were two little kittens and there sleepy mother, they were so cute and Rachel almost gained a new kitten; with them being for sale! We got our horses, I got the lovely Scooby, while Sam got Rain and we headed off with a group of about 10, one of which was one of these loud American who will talk to anyone who will listen and will ask all sorts of inappropriate questions, god how I miss the USA, hehe!. We trekked across some really nice scenery and even got to go through a river and at the time we were having a bit of a down pour, so that was super cool, felt like I was in a movie. Me and Sam kept staying back so she could teach me how to do a bit of trotting, last time I went I tried to ride a horse I thought you were just meant to sit down all the time and I did wonder why it was such a bumpy ride, so we did get too do a little trotting which was real fun and Sam even said I was doing it properly, whoop whoop…was really fun and now my new idea for a profession…cow girl, yehaaa! We stopped off at few places on the way back to Rotorua but the weather was getting worse so we headed back to the hostel for some more noodles, Sam did try and tempt me with a $4 pizza but I with stood the temptation, which as usual didn’t last long with me…we went and got some treats from the shop instead!


Final day of the road trip and we woke up to the sunshine, yay! We went to the little lake in Rotorua which was home of a few Black Swans which we have both never seen before but all along the water front was signs saying don’t touch the black swans, they tend to be aggressive and as we were reading this along comes a Chinese lady stretching her hand out to the swans who were also protecting their young and she is shouting “come here birdy birdy” (loud Chinese accent) me and Sam were at the ready to catch it all on camera but nothing bloody happened, I was so excited to see a bit of action and maybe for one of those black swans with the evil red eyes to take a little snap, hehe! So disappointed that we didn’t see a swan go all kung Fu on the Chinese lady, anyhow we made our way back to Lake Taupo so we could go on a steam boat trip to see the Maori carvings. On route we stopped at craters of the moon, which is a place where underneath the earth’s surface is hot water which creates this place to blow out lots of steam and it also creates bubbling mud puddles. Was pretty cool but they just had one route so even if you didn’t want to do the whole 45minute walk...well bloody tough! After finished what felt like a trip around the moon we made our way to the harbour to get on the Ernest Kemp Steam boat; unfortunately the captain wasn’t wearing a dickey bow tie and a trilby hat but was a very cool little boat and then we on our way. It was a really nice two hour boat ride sitting out on the little deck area and taking in the sights of Lake Taupo, seeing the remarkable Maori carvings and sitting in the sunshine watching the world go by…spot on! We finished a really lovely road trip with a fuel burger while sitting on the Lake side and then made our way back to Hastings and the facer household!


Great trip and was brilliant to see Lake Taupo and Rotorua….


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