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Starting a New Year in New Zealand...

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Another Christmas over and it is time to start the New Year, we decided to go over to Rachel’s friends Linda and Steve due to the fact when Steve came over to Rachel’s for some lunch the week before he promised me mountains of free drink and food…of course I am well and truly sold on that offer! We arrive and I finish off the little amount of vodka I took and say to Steve where is the nearest liquor shop (expecting him to say just grab anything out of the fridge) he starts to say…head to the end of the road and turn left, bla, bla…WELL I mean really!!! I’m guessing he must have been rather drunk when he gave me all those false promises…bloody man! So we went to the shop and got myself a couple bottles of wine but did take advantage of the free food (no comments please) Sam being the sober driver drove back to pick up Jack and Catrina, while she left me to continue drinking, eating and talking to Dave. While I was chatting to Dave I went to take a drink of my wine (I was in tipsy mode) and just didn’t open my mouth, started pouring all down my front, in my head I was thinking wow this wine doesn’t taste like anything then Dave starts to go “oh,oh,oh” so I realised what had happened and looked down to see my wet t-shirt and we just start laughing and the whole night Dave is asking me if I want a drink and pretending to pour it down his front, bloody sod, hehe!  The night continues and Dave gets a phone call and we hear him saying “you’ve crashed the car” so me and Rachel follow, trying to get the gist of the story. When he comes off he explains that Catrina was reversing up the drive way and reversed into Rachel’s car while Sam was in it; no one was hurt but the car door had been bent right back and the front was smashed. So Dave being a little drunk started going on and on about all these different things that irritated him, it was so funny…he was going on and on and on and on, then Rachel turns and says the best line that I have ever heard “I’m not being funny right…but this is no good for my condition” hehehe! Then poor Sam comes back with big pupils and looking kind of shocked, she felt bad but wasn’t her fault so we all made her feel better, especially funny man Dave! The night continued with some drinking, chatting, laughing, eating and singing till the clock struck 12 and we all celebrated the start of a new year, which began with Rachel having a debate with a hippy who hated Margaret Thatcher, Rachel just kept repeating “she gave us a pay rise” and after the hippy left said I’m glad she left I wanted to hit her, hehe! It gets to about 1.30 and we head home after super night with a spot of drama.


Woke up the next day feeling a tiny bit fragile, which was quickly sorted by a MacDonald’s then we were ready for a day at the races which was slightly dampened by the rain but we went on our way getting a lift from Catrina as poor Rachel’s car is out of action. While I was waiting for Sam by the entrance in the rain, one of the people working there went to go somewhere but decided to do it running backwards, then an old woman drove in and started to run over the little cones then another man almost drove into her and the car park man asked him to stop and he nearly ran him over and drove off so the police started running after him, oooo it was brilliant! So we got a picnic table under the grand stand and Rachel got her big picnic out, God that woman packs a big bloody picnic! We spent the day betting, eating and relaxing in between races and watching different games put on for the kiddie winkles…it was great fun and we even ended the day $2 up but to be fair Sam was pretty useless, it was all me, hehe! The day came to an end just as the rain started to come down so we ran to the place where Catrina was picking us up from, we waited in the pouring rain for half an hour without a phone and wondering what had happened to then be picked up by Dave! But while we were waiting Sam had gone off to look to see if she had gone somewhere else and this man came and said started to ask if I wanted a ride somewhere, I told him I was fine but he continued to ask again and again; finally he got the message and got into his car then he wound down the window asked again and then even said just get in for 5minutes…I backed away from the car but then he eventually drove off, he had such a creepy face, I was ready to grab the camping chair and give him a bash on the bonce! Sam turned up in the car with Dave but by then we were drenched but got back and got a hot shower…lovely! The night ended with pyjamas and die hard 2…the perfect way to end a day.


The next day turned out to be sunny so we decided to go to Splash Planet with the girls (Abby and Breanna) where Jack works as a life guard, so we went for a swim and too have a go on the slides! Going around the water park with the girls and their friends we suddenly started to feel really quite old but luckily we believe you’re never too old to have fun so went on the rides and go karts but did have to call it a day earlier than the kids due to the fact we were feeling the cold, hehe! We went back to Rachel’s and got into her spa for a bit of warmth.


With the weather staying sunny Rachel and Dave wanted us to do something so they took us to Bluff hill which is a great view of the city which ended up being quite funny because it was high on the hill side but the view wasn’t actually that great, right below the view point was a wood factory and the dock for the cruise ships so we had a joke about all the great things we could see. Did learn an interesting fact though; before the earthquake the sea level was as high as the hill we were on the top of…crazy! After taking in the beautiful sights of Bluff Hill we headed down to sea level to get an ice cream on the beach before heading back to meet Rachel’s friends Tracey and Christine for lunch. It ended all a bit stressful, Rachel was torn about what to do about Bali and we didn’t have a car (the car was out of action after the crash) to take our trip that we had planned to go to Taupo and Rotorua. We were running out of options when we were saved by Rachel’s friend Karen who said we would be able to lend her car for a few days so instead of the week trip we decided to go Monday to Wednesday, which was amazing because we thought the trip would have to be cancelled, so we are now a big fan of Karen, wohoo!


Jack had a day off so me, Sam, Jack and Catrina went to the driving range…was great fun trying to hit the moving golf collector and just as we were about to finish everyone realised that I actually hold the golf club with my hands in the wrong order but had been hitting the balls fine but I did always wonder why I was so off balance, hehe! In the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk, what a crazy bunch to take for a walk all together and I would have to say my favourite has to be little Charlie who has a curly little wig and his ears flap in the wind when he tries to run as fast as he possibly can, if he walks too far ahead of the lead he walks backwards and almost get trampled by big dog Hardy but does it every 30seconds just the same…I believe I have now met a dog with OCD.


Dave asked me and Sam if we wanted to help him with a job he was doing cleaning up a big garden that hadn’t been tended to in over a year. It was a definite yes for a bit of cash and to honest I’m feeling ready to work again. So we got up early and headed to the house and got to work, one of the instructions Dave had gave me had obviously been too much for me, he apparently told me to give a haircut and I made it totally bald but Dave was ok just said it would grow but liked to bring it up many times throughout the day. When I had to move all the cut trees and leaves to the truck I didn’t get the whole idea of bags so went back and forwards about a hundred times using my t-shirt like a kangaroo pouch and when I had brought it all to the trailer Dave decided to inform me of these bags! While I’m going back and forth Sam is using the electrical trimmer on the hedge that was the length of the bungalow whilst getting attacked by lots of stick insects. Wow manual labour is bloody hard but felt good to do some work and the money is always a big fat bonus. In the afternoon Rachel took us to Ocean beach to have a chill on the beach and do a spot of boogie boarding. I’ve never done boogie boarding but what great fun, when you catch a wave it is bloody brilliant! While me and Sam were out quite deep I made the mistake of telling her it reminded me of a scene from jaws so not only did I scare Sam but I scared myself…why don’t I just shut up sometimes, hehe!  Then went back to the beach for lunch where Rachel bloody force fed me sandwiches, god that woman does not take no for an answer, hehe!  Had another play in the sea then headed back to Rachel’s after a great day and luckily didn’t get burnt!


Rachel decided to take us, Abby and Breanna to the Tuki Tuk, which is a river where you can Boogie boarding and swim depending on how high the river is. While we were in Charlotte she did say don’t do the Tuki Tuk, hehe! We got there and couldn’t get to the river where we parked so had a little adventure through the forest, unfortunately Breanna hadn’t brought any shoes so me and Sam found it quite funny listening to her moaning (in a funny way) all the way to the river but bless her she did have to walk over lots of stones while Rachel is saying “Well I did tell her she should bring shoes.” We made it to the river and it was pretty shallow but me and Abby took the boards upstream a little where the water was running faster and it was good fun but when we got where it was shallow and slower Abby started to get freaked out by the weeds touching her and began to scream continuously, I tried really hard to calm her down but had the slight issue that I was laughing too much; we made it out and she told Rachel she thought a shark was going to get her, Rachel replied with “don’t be silly, there are no sharks only eels” hehe! After Sam had a go we headed back to Rachel’s to be greeted by Rachel’s friend Teneill who told Rachel she had to come to the pub so Rachel said you have 20mins to get ready girls we’re off to the pub…for god sake!! So a quick change and we headed down to the pub to meet Teneill who can only best be described as mental, very nice but crazy! Sam had herself a few glasses of Pimms and we had a chat, hearing of some interesting parts of their lives and then headed back home for dinner.


Saturday arrived with Rachel and Dave doing a BBQ for their friends and kids…the  people who came round have a little girl called Brooklyn and she is so cute, she has got the best chubby cheeks and she has such a funny personality so spent most of the day with her. At one point the kids asked if we wanted to play a game in the garden which involved running around the house which excited the dogs and while Sam was running little Buster decided to bite Sam on the bum…one little nibble on each cheek, hehe!! So that game quickly came to an end as I had to go and rub eucalyptus plant on her butt, hehe! We started to relax and we were lying in our bed next to Brooklyn and every time I closed my eyes she would whack me on the head, little bugger, hehe!


We were all set for a beach day but it was pouring down so we decided to have a dvd chill day, which was great and meant we could relax before our trip to Rotorua and Taupo the next day…


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