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Merry Christmas from New Zealand...

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Our naked bus trip went ok but being sat on the back seat you must sometimes learn to share, that we did with a rather large Maori lady and her two sons and they decided they would have two seats between three of them! She looked rather scary but was very nice and  we did enjoy the fact she kept calling her son an egg and a chicken wing. She also offered us a small snicker, don’t you hate being polite, I said no but really I wanted to eat the whole bag, hehe!


We were greeted off the bus by Rachel, her boyfriend Dave and his daughter Abby. Straight away we were thrown in to the socialising game and taken to one of Rachel’s friend’s house for a little get together! I ended up being the sober driver with two back seat drivers telling me where to go, what the speed limit is, about my revs, how to turn the wheel….For God sake! She showed us to our room which we like to call the “Out house” much to Rachel’s annoyance! It’s a room just away from the main house next to the garage that she had decorated, it is a perfect little room except that the door doesn’t lock but it is always fun to make Rachel feel bad, mwhaha!


The next day Rachel took us for a little tour around the Hawkes Bay which included a few vineyards which were very beautiful and we even had some wine at 2 in the afternoon, I believe Rachel is a bad influence, hehe! We went to her dads house which had an amazing view and some yummy peas in a pod and I just kept going along and mistakenly picked up a broad bean, Yuk!! We went to Hawks bay bee world…I have never been to a bee world in my previous 25 years of life but now I’ve been to two in the space of three weeks; I am buzzing about it, ha ha haaa…terrible pun I know!


Before we know it, it’s Christmas Eve and we were talking about how crazy it is having Christmas somewhere hot…I told Rachel that on Christmas I would be eating like a pig, in my pjs all day and sitting in front of the TV watching Christmas movies; she said this was not how things were done in New Zealand, I was not impressed!! It was a sunny day so we all took the dogs for a walk along the river, four dogs and Rachel going for a walk is always entertaining! In the afternoon Rachel’s friends Tracey came over, while she lived in her other house they were Thursday night drinking buddies…we got some interesting stories putting the two of them together! I’m afraid they are too risqué for my very innocent blog!


Merry Christmas everyone!! Christmas day arrived, it was a beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies and it was far from the usual Christmas, we gave ourselves a small present and a card each and then went across to the house and the girls had opened all their presents, due to them being up since 5 in the morning, crazy kids! We got a little present from Rachel, half of it I ate for breakfast and we had a chilled morning skyping our families! For lunch we had a nice steak from the bbq and some salad stuff, left feeling full but not to the point you don’t want to move! Then in the afternoon we headed to Rachel’s friends Mark and Sarah’s due to the fact they have a nice big pool! We spent the afternoon swimming in the pool, having some drinks, played some games and even went for a dip in the Jacuzzi. I wasn’t very prepared for untraditional Christmas but being in the sun and spending the day in the pool, this could be something I could get used to!!


Boxing day was met by some more sun, so Rachel and Dave took us to some other nice places in and around Hawks Bay, one of which was a vineyard called the mission which every year hosts a charity open air concert sung by some big stars like Rod Stewart, Cliff Richard, Sting, Ray Charles and many more. It’s really lovely setting with a big white convent, surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery, just charming! Then we headed to Te Ana waterfall which was a little walk through the woods, very tempted to do a scene from a movie under the waterfall but a few problems with my idea…no swim stuff, not a very skinny model and Rachel says if I put my head under the waterfall it would break my neck so chose to just take some photos and have a good look! We finished the day off having a cold drink in the sun on the decking by the harbour…sweeeeeet!!


The next day me and Sam decided to go see if we could get a bit of cash in hand work picking fruit some fruit, we went for a drive and spotted a vineyard so just went in even though the sign said temple but hey worth a try, pulled and there was about 10 Muslim men and 2 young boys throwing stones, I said to the boys, who’s in charge? By now all the men were staring so I spoke to one of the guys and they all volunteered for their temple but gave us a contact number for some guy which ended up being totally useless! We tried a couple of other places then rang round the rest and got a big fat nothing on the job front so looks like we’ll be waiting till Australia to get back on the working scene which I’m most defiantly ready for! Instead we have agreed to paint the outside of Rachel’s house, we have already sanded and used the water blaster so just waiting on the paint and we will be on our way! In the afternoon Rachel’s friends Linda and Steve came over (I know what you’re thinking…how many friends does Rachel have; it is a busy house indeed!) we spend the afternoon in the garden, chatting, eating and drinking (non-alcoholic from me and Sam…can you guess about Rachel?) In the evening the friends had left and we decided to have some Pavlova but the berries looked off so Dave chucked them out! Rachel (rather merry!!) came in looking for the berries so I said Dave had threw them out and that was it “Dave the berries weren’t off you bloody w***er” she went on and on, it was hilarious. While she was putting the cream on she just picked up a handful and put it in Dave’s face so they started to have a Pavlova fight and both ended up with a face full of cream…bloody brilliant! We headed to the outhouse; in the corner of the room was a big black thing I said “SAM, WHAT IS THAT?”  She replies “it is a cockroach Sarah?” she attempts to get him but he falls and goes missing, an hour later he shows up on the ceiling over our bed, I cover my mouth scared that he will jump in and mumble to Sam to get him, as she makes a grab for him he falls on the bed and speeds towards me, I try to get out of the bed so fast that I get my leg caught in the quilt and fall out of the bed while shouting “HE’S IN THE BED, HE’S IN THE BED….HE’S GONNA GET ME!!!” How exactly will I survive Australia!!!?


The next day Jack (my cousin) had to work so me, Sam, Catrina, (Jack’s girlfriend) Buster and Spike go for a walk up Te Mata peak…oh my lord after not exercising for a while and lots of over eating and drinking a lot at Christmas, that was a rather large mountain to go up but very stunning views when we eventually reached the top! Before I start this it is very well known that Rachel’s house comes fitted with all the usual things but an added bonus of a ghost, even witnessed by the sceptics of this world! So… Being in our little out house we hear the dogs barking and howling, we go to have a look and nothings there but they have a security light that goes off after about 5mins! After going back inside the security light doesn’t turn off so by now I am officially freaked out!! I tell Sam we need to sleep with the light on so she puts on a sleeping mask, still hearing things and not being satisfied I get her up to put our bed against the door…I was asleep within 5minutes!


Woke up to the rain beating against the roof of our outhouse which spoilt our plans for another walk up the peak, what a shame!! So for lunch we head to the Cider rooms to meet Rachel’s friends for lunch and to do a spot of cider tasting! You get a list of ciders and you can get a rack of your choice of 6 drinks for $15…me and Sam shared one and then ended up getting another rack due to it being rather tasty and living with Rachel for a week means that afternoon drinking is now the norm, hehe! Really nice venue and good company, after a few hours we headed out to the car park and started to drive off when Sam turns to me and says…”Did you pay?” I was like “NO!!” We just continued to drive….OH MY GOD!! I have never done that in my life but I guess it is now knocked off the bucket list, what has travelling done to me,hehe!


Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and enjoy your New Year! We love you all and miss you lots especially at this time of year…Sending huge hugs and big kisses! X x




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