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Hello Charlotte and Rob in Auckland...

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Already the North Island is so different to the South Island; it is more picturesque in the South, there are actually two lanes or more of traffic on the roads, we have seen a McDonalds at almost every town and there seems to be more people than sheep or cows…


We arrive at the soon to be Burt household and we are met by Charlotte, her little on the chubby side cat ‘Chewy’ and her spaghetti Bolognese, yum. Rob came in later after a night of arresting navy men causing mischief. The whether still not at its best so we decided to go and have a walk around Auckland city and the harbour; we drive around for a while looking for a parking spot, when we find a car park we look and it’s $26 for 3hours, WHATT!! So we head to a multi-story car pack, go right to the top and realise that the whole bloody thing is reserved spaces only, after about an hour we think we find somewhere to park and Sam says, “Sarah have you got the purse?”  I reply “No, have you?” Oh my god we forgot our money so couldn’t even pay for the bloody parking that took us forever to find!!! So we had a little drive around Auckland and then headed back to make some dinner. We had a few drinks, chatted, tried out Charlottes Roller Derby gear and tried to think of new names for her Roller Derby helmet…Good times, really liking Charlotte and Rob already!


The weekend arrives; so we drop back the juicy rental with no issues then head back so we can go on a road trip up to Omaha beach where Rob volunteers as a life guard and near to where his mam lives. They take us along the coast, our first stop is Goat Island where we do a spot of snorkelling, unfortunately it was a bit cloudy and we didn’t see too much but was fun to get in the water except when I cut my toe on the rock, i kept getting freaked out when Robs flipper touched me and also got a tiny bit scared when Rob said “turn round there are some jelly fish heading for us” ahhhhh!  Sam did very well though; she was a bit apprehensive but got in and only did a bit of damage when she scratched her bum on a rock. We dried off and headed to Robs surf club so he could take us out on the dingy motor boat, it was so much fun…going at a high speed, getting thrown up in the air going over the waves…was brilliant! Then they took us to the biggest tree in New Zealand, safe to say if was pretty big! We finished the afternoon seeing a huge concrete manmade lake. So after a busy afternoon we headed back to Robs mams so they could get ready for their Christmas party…


We dropped Rob and Charlotte at the beach club and we went for dinner in the town. After being well fed we headed back up to the surf club so we could join the party. I got straight in there offending people, I even said one of the women should have the jaws tune playing as she walked…if you met her you would agree but apparently that isn’t a nice thing to say to someone, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world, hehe! The night continued with drinking games, for some reason us being mistaken for Germans, a guy paying the ukulele, I challenge a ginger guy to an arm wrestle after he offended me…I bloody lost! Then Sam getting drunk and saying let’s just stay in New Zealand, sod Australia…I explained that we shouldn’t be rash and we would talk about it in the morning! Before we left Rob got us a key ring and a giant blow up flip flop…great night!!


Woken up to smell of bacon…Rob was in the kitchen getting our breakfast sorted…what a legend! Our plans had to change a little due to the awful rainy day but we went to Bee land and tried some honey and they had four huge glass panels with all the bees doing their bee type things. Then we went to a little activity centre so we had a little go at some shooting with a rifle, don’t worry we were only shooting at pretend pigs and sheep, it was bloody hard…Charlotte knocked down one of the targets, much to her enjoyment…she is a fan of being the best, hehe! Then we went to the baseball machine…Sam went first and didn’t get a hit and was pretty mad at herself, which was made even worse when I stepped up and hit a few balls, I hate to gloat but I think I may have done better, mwhaha! We ended the night watching a movie and having a nice hangover chill!


The next day we decided to head up North and see some of the places higher up than Auckland! Our first stop was at sheep land where we got to see the entrance as we were unimpressed by the amount they were charging to go and see a field full of sheep, when lets be honest there are sheep bloody everywhere in New Zealand! We continued the journey after the very exciting sheep world and made it as far North as we were told we should venture to see Paihia which used to be the capital of New Zealand before they discovered the rest of the Island! We had a wonder round the town and the harbour with a man playing some very random tunes which never less gives a place a nice atmosphere with some music. We did spot a horse riding trip that looked appealing but unfortunately was fully booked so we just continued to look around the pretty little town and then went on our way again. We decided to then stop at Whangeri which was another nice village with a big harbour that they called the basin so we had a walk along there and had some fun taking some photos in random places! We ended the journey in a lovely Thai restaurant called Thai’d up…good play on words don’t you think! We then headed back to see Rob and Charlotte, all day away from them was far too long ;-)


Then next day Rob offered to take us sightseeing round Auckland so of course we agreed, which made Charlotte very jealous as she had to go to work. First he took us to Mount Victoria which has a super view of the city from the other side of the water! For some reason there is a patch of grass with lots of little mushrooms for people to sit on. A child fell off and while the kid was sobbing the  mother started to hit the mushroom and say bad mushroom…being a mother must sometimes be very weird, finding yourself shouting at a static object! Then he took us down to a naval base museum which was actually quite interesting especially for Sam as she loves things like that, I’m more of a fan at looking at pictures and playing any games they have available, sometimes I wonder why I didn’t learn much in school! We then went to the mall to have some lunch and have a look around the shops and I once again stopped Sam from making any purchases, phew! We finished our sightseeing day at one tree hill, which is a big hill with an amazing view of Auckland! On the hill is a monument and that used to have a lone tree on top until some angry man cut it down to make a statement, I mean really! On our way back to the house we stopped so I could go in a field with a bunch of cows and with a sign saying stay away from mothers with calf’s, I wanted to have a stroke, I approached one around the water hole and she was head butting my hand and looking at me in an angry way when I turned around there was a calf…I backed away slowly and got the hell out of the field, the mama was massive!


When Charlotte finished work we went to Murawai beach to have a little walk and maybe a swim. When we got there the water was freezing but Rob headed in with his wetsuit on while we made things in the sand! Rob came back out and was asking Charlotte to come in but she was not very enthusiastic. I started to say that I might want to go but i needed her to go in too in as well so Charlotte was saying that she didn’t really like me right now and if she puts her wetsuit on I better go in. After lots of complaining; Charlotte suited up, I was in my bikini and we ran in the water…Sam wanted to stay and be on camera duty! When you got over the first bit it wasn’t actually too bad. There was big waves and the current was really strong so got a good work out just trying to get back to Rob and Charlotte after I’d been bashed about by the waves. I did have a go at trying to body surf but don’ think I quite got the hang of it but had fun trying! After a good play around we headed back to the house for some food!


For our last day we decided to have a look around Auckland city centre and Rob came along to help us find our way. We had a slow walk through the city stopping at some shops, went to a cute little market with a live band then had some sushi and an ice cream by the harbour front before getting the free city bus back up to the car! As it was our last night Rob and Charlotte wanted to take us out with a couple of their friends for dinner and have a look at the Christmas lights! So we headed to an area in Auckland with some bars and restaurants so we went to the Bollywood restaurant, it was bloody lovely…yum yum!! Feeling very full and satisfied we walked towards a famous street in Auckland for being full of Christmas lights and It is apparently in their housing agreement  that they have to participate every year. Well it was a full of people but there was only one or two decent houses on the street so then the boys are like lets keep walking to the Christmas tree in town, it’s not far! Well…we walked a decent distance, Charlotte even began to get delirious on the way pretending that she was the tree and when we got there it wasn’t even a tree, it was bloody lights shaped like a tree. It had lots of bean bags under but it was infested by tiny people so we didn’t even get a lie out, I had a lie on the floor but it smelt kind of bad so quickly got out of there! Was pretty cool to go in the Santa phone booth though and listen to his answer phone message, we didn’t get put through because he is a bit busy at the moment! We were going to get a taxi back to the car because it was getting late and poor Charlotte had work the next day but they were asking silly prices so we had to walk, much to us girls disappointment. Felt like a child again as the three boys walked ahead as us three girls walked behind like when your parents make you walk for miles and tell that we are doing it and we will enjoy it!! Good thing is that when your not happy about something like that you find the fun in complaining about it so we had a good old giggle while being on the verge of tears as we made our way back to the car.


Woke up and got everything together ready to make our way to our next destination. Charlotte dropped us all at the bus station and we said our goodbyes, awwww! We went on the bus to Auckland which played music which would normally be a good thing but it played bloody yellow poker dot bikini and then the titanic song with wind instruments and sang by children, thank god it was just a small journey!


We found the Naked bus we were travelling on and said our good byes to the lovely Rob and were greeted by the big New Zealand man who was our bus driver and I think he had come on his period or something because he was not a happy bunny! Shouting at all the foreign people who didn’t listen to his instruction, hehe!


So were on the bus ready for Hawks Bay with Rachel,


Thanks Rob and Charlotte, we’ve had a super time, bring on Bali…..





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