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Making our way to Auckland...

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So it was time to head up to the North Island and for the gang to head to Bali; so me, Sam, Chloe and Alex jumped in the little KA car, much to Alex and Chloe’s delight. We arrive at Karen’s ready to be fed and watered, while we we’re having a relax in the garden, Alex was playing with the dog…he throws the ball and Lilly (the Labrador) runs straight threw Karen who ends up like a sack of potatoes on the floor. Alex turns round and shouts to Maddie (Karen’s daughter) “Maddie your mams fell over” and just leaves Karen on the floor, hehe! One boy you’d love around in times of need I think. As the guys flight was at 4in the morning we made the decision to put a mattress in the front room and stay up. Before bed we all put up the Christmas tree, my god New Zealand Christmas trees are funny, they are like the rubbish ones that no one wants...disabled Christmas trees...brilliant! So we make it without falling asleep, mainly due to a very giddy Chloe and Alex who thought it would be funny to sit on my back and pump on me…I MEAN REALLY!!! So we head off to the airport with the crazy sat nav who takes us half way around the world, she should really be a man, too proud to ask for help, hehe! Sam and Sandy meet us there and so we say our goodbyes and head back to Karen’s to get a few hours before heading to pick up our rental.


Before we know it were at the juicy rentals picking up our car, the deal was that they pay for the car to go on the ferry up to the North Island and all we need to pay for petrol and you have five days till it needs to be taken back to a certain location. We pointed out any scratches and bumps, he told us to drive on the left side of the road and we were on our way. After a few hours we stop for some lunch in the beautiful Kaikoura, home of the Sperm whale. Before I start this little story I should tell you that Chloe and Alex told me to be very wary of Maori’s and if you look then in the eye for more than 5seconds they will hit you. So, while we are loading on the Ferry the man gives Sam some bad directions to where she should be driving so they have a mini argument, I just look out the window and pretend it is not happening then after they are done say to Sam “That was a Maori you know!!” Since being at Charlottes and telling her that story...after she finished laughing she told me that Chloe and Alex may have been taking the piss…the gullible life can sometimes be difficult. 


We have a nice relax on the ferry except for what can only be described as New Zealand Chav’s ruining the peace for a little while, luckily I can nap through pretty much anything, poor Sam! When the wet weathered cleared near to Auckland, we went out on deck to watch the sun setting and look out over the amazing views. We docked in Wellington (first time I’ve ever drove off a ferry, whoop whoop) and headed for the hostel after a very long day, looking for a good night’s sleep in a 10 person dorm…both wishing we had booked the private but a beds a bed I guess. We go to our room, it was bloody boiling, there was a large amount of Europeans, one of which had a red head torch on her head, people going in and out all night and pretty hard to work out where the free beds were, so a slight worry that someone may wake you up to say, "that is my bed!"but we picked a plot and fell asleep to the beautiful sound of a baby crying…there is such a wonderful thing about being so tired you can sleep through pretty much anything.


We have been told that the South Island of New Zealand is the more beautiful but the weather isn’t that good and that the North Island is really hot and sunny…well I think someone was having us on, we woke up to rain and lots of it. We packed up and headed on our way to New Plymouth, due to the terrible weather we just got up after seeing a few over turned cars, we decided to go stright there with no stops! We arrived at the hostel and it was guarded by a huge, disabled Alsatian and he was rather stinky. We were shown to our shared room and the whole place was empty so fortunately we ended up having the room to ourselves and thanks to the rain we decided to spend the time catching up on some well needed sleep.


Woke up feeling rested, looked out the window and it was still raining, so we headed on our way to Auckland to meet Charlotte and Rob…


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