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Last few weeks in the South Island...Bye Chloe!

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We returned back to Dunedin to be met by Chloe, Sam, Lee and a bottle of wine…perfect!  Chloe was already saying that we now had to take her on a road trip so that was it; 2 days later we back in the legendary little car and headed back off to Queenstown where Sam (NMS - not my Sam) was working. We had been on the way for 10minutes when Chloe’s phone rings...all we hear is, which hospital are you in?? Uh oh…it was Lee (the lady who took us on the first road trip and also the type of person that when you go to punch them says “DON’T HIT ME I’M FAT!”) So we head to Dunedin hospital not knowing what to expect as she only said to Chloe she has had emergency surgery. After pretty much running through the hospital to her ward we get there and she tells us what happened…. What’s your guess? car crash? Appendix? Slip and trip? Well you would all be wrong…our lovely friend went out for a nice fish dinner and choked on a fish bone… emergency surgery is rarely funny but I’m afraid we did make it into a funny situation, poor Lee, hehe!


So we “sympathised” for a little while then continued on to Queenstown…We finally arrived at our destination and decided to head straight to set up our tent to Chloe’s delight. (If you’ve never met Chloe she more enjoys the finer things in life rather than the rough side of things) Anyhow with lots of “help” from Chloe we put up the tent and then headed to town to get some dinner with Sam (NMS). We picked a Chinese restaurant and were the only non-Chinese people so had to blend in, so I decide to cut a piece of my food with my chop stick and it snaps in half and flies across the room, oh the shame, hehe! Feeling full and pretty hot we decided that a dip in the lake would be nice and Chloe also wanted to prove a point to her mam that she can do adventure. We found a spot where we could jump in and it looked so clear and refreshing. I was first to go for it and oh my god it was bloody freezing, when I popped up I must have looked like when you chuck a cat in the water…completely startled. Chloe and Sam jumped in, was so funny to watch…they were fighting each other to try and get out first.


Before we head to our tent Sam (NMS) showed us her hotel, we almost lost Chloe but she did come back with us and we headed off to the tent after picking up a few snacks and listening to Chloe going on about the fact that we don’t have a torch. We woke up ready to try another dip in the lake for a morning wash and then began to pack up the tent but we were surrounded by the bloody sand flies, oh my god I hate them…they are right little buggers, they get everywhere and they don’t give up until they’ve had a little snack. Chloe took us up in the cable car so we could get a great view of Queenstown and have a go on the Luge.  The luge is little go karts with handle bars with no engine on a little downhill track. Chloe won both times due to spot of cheating when saying “GO” and Sam did try to cut me up on a corner but I rammed her off the track, mwhaha! We had ourselves a little chill and took in the views, then headed back down to grab a beautiful Ferg Burger, ummmm! Full and happy we headed back to Dunedin and had a little stop to watch some people doing a bungee jump, I almost did but realised that I enjoy the fact my limbs are all attached to each other!! Instead I enjoyed sticking my head out of the sun roof, I just pulled it in and the next car that passed was a police car, which could have been rather embarrassing, hehe!


The next day Alex was off school so we all decided to go to the local swimming pool, with slides and a diving board. We were having lots of fun on the diving board, Alex taught me how to do a back flip, after a few body slaps on the water I finally cracked it…Then Sam steps up to do a usual flat dive and ends up sitting out the rest of the time because she sprained her back…poor Sam, hehe!


All of us girls decided to head to the beach to take the dogs for a walk, we had a nice walk around the beach and ended up at a pier where we could jump in and we noticed that about 50 yards away were two sea lions. One was the daddy (he was massive, he would sit up growl and then just lie down again) then there was the mamma (she was camouflaged in the sand) Me, Sam1 and 2 are on the pier while Chloe is on the beach when the mamma Sea lion begins to move, growls and heads in the water. Chloe completely freaks out and shouts “she is coming for me” and begins to run back down the beach while shouting “MAM”. Were all on the pier laughing and watching the story unravel. The mamma continues in the water after Chloe and keeps popping her head up out of the water to see that Chloe is still there and then keeps swimming (I believe mamma was singing the jaws tune in her head), Chloe is right down the beach near a family who are relaxing on the beach; the Sea lion reaches the family and comes up out of the water and starts to chase them around the beach, while Chloe just keeps running. We decide that it is best to head past the daddy. I run past and he lifts up and growls. So the Sams and the dogs are very hesitant as he is just sat up staring at them, they make a slow and steady break for it and when they get past he flops back in the sand again, was so funny. We meet Chloe back at the car who had run into a woman who had also been chased by another sea lion and just shouted to Chloe “just keep running.”  Hilarious!


So one of the afternoons Dunedin has beautiful blue skies and the sun is out so I decide to have a little sunbath, I was out for about an hour which is nothing really. In the evening I am like a giant tomato…I am completely burnt and then everyone tells me that New Zealand has some kind of thing with the o ozone layer which makes the sun really strong. Why don’t I know these things, apparently everybody knows that. So now I am shedding skin like a fricken snake and I have sun blisters in three places on my face…When will I learn!!!!??


Blue the cat of the house is like a dog and constantly meows for food and when we were at the vets with the dogs she said that Blue could have some kind of disease. So we told Sam (NMS) and she said we could take her but she hates the car. So me, Sam and Chloe decide that we will give it a go so we can get some peace when we’re eating. We put her in the cat cage and within the first 5minutes of the car journey I’m in bloody tears because of how much she is in distress…she had giant pupils, she keeps pacing and she was making a noise that I have never heard in my life...”NOWW” When we get to the vets she calms down, the vet shaves a bit below her head and she gets a jab to take a blood sample after which the nurse just come in with Blue in one hand with the legs sprawled everywhere, the cat that is and says in a very drone like manner “here’s your cat, vet will be in, in a minute” and it cost $200. The next day the vet rings and tells us the results, there is nothing bloody wrong with her…she is just a fatty! Oh dear, hehe!


One evening Alex decides he wants to wax his legs before he goes to Bali; me and Chloe let Sam have that job. What a thing to watch after ever strip he screams, goes red and is very close to knocking Sam out, pretty funny to watch. He ends up having one waxed leg and one shaved leg…bloody men, hehe!


After a crazy week we decide to have a few drinks, me and Chloe end up very drunk. Me, Sam, Chloe and Alex head out round the neighbourhood to get pictures of us planking in random places and Alex the little bugger records me being all drunk and talking total emotional rubbish. Oh what a night, was supposed to just be a few glasses, hehe!


At last it was time for us to meet Sandy, the man of the house. So we all went to the airport to collect him. The first thing he does to Chloe is stick his fingers up at her… I liked him straight away :-) We then headed to Dunedin and he took us for a meal at a Turkish restaurant, yum!!


It is the last weekend before we head up to the North island, the gang go on holiday to Bali and before Chloe heads to Greece for good, so Sam (NMS) and Sandy decide to have a BBQ with a few of their friends. Sandy makes some beautiful food and I even try salmon and fish from the BBQ, still not a fan but I gave it a bash. We had some drinks, played sing star and had a little secret Santa. Sam got a nice bath bubbles set and what do I bloody get…a half-naked fireman calendar, not my cup of tea I’m afraid, hehe! Had a great night and got a tad too drunk but didn’t do anything too bad, I don’t think anyhow! I write the blog so even if I did no one can tell you, mwhaha!


So that’s it, time with Chloe is up and we are about to go our separate ways. What an amazing time we’ve had…made a new family, had so much fun and we are now ready for our North Island experience and to meet the other half of our new family…Having a fab time and both loving that we have done this...


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