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Rhino's, elephants and crodiles

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An early 6 hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Chitwan and what a breath taking views I have have seen on a bus! haha. We drove up, down and around the mountains, a little too close to some edges for our liking ( apparently one of the most dangerous!) Out each window everything is flourishing, beautiful flowers (even some rape seed, marigold etc) and beautiful bright coloured rustic houses with a beautiful back drop of rice fields high up into the mountains! Nearer to Chitwan we drove along side a huge river which we followed for miles, many people go white water rafting, just so beautiful! Market stalls everywhere selling bananas, fruits etc and of course, Snickers! haha they know us tourists!

On arriving in Chitwan we saw a random lone elepant walking donw the road (as you do!) We got to our lovely Jungle Lodge, we stayed in a log cabin style thing, a tad terrified as I assumed there would be a million spiders, and yes, i lost sleep over the fear! And what wondered into our complex, no not a spider, a rhino! haha We arrived back at around 9pm and were quickly told to get inside, we had missed him by a few minutes, scary, but exciting! The place reminds me a lot of Malawi, so it felt weird being there as I almost felt like I had been there before.

Next day we were up early ( alot of early mornings, not what I had planned whilst travelling!) And we went the river in a boad made from a whole tree trunk. We saw wild crocodiles as we floated along by the jungle. We then walked thruogh the jungle (only country  you can walk through a jungle safari) and as we wondered through, whilst looking everywhere to make sure I didn't walk into a massive spider, we came across our friend, the rhino again! We stood 30 metres from this thing and it just looked up at us and we asked if we could step into the army area just next to us for safety and they replied saying they'd have to shoot us, not an every day pickel one expects to get in, so we walked on slowly, but quickly of you know what I mean, don't want that mahhooosiveeee thing charging, but if it does, don't worry, they advised up to climb up a tree. I of course had a look at the trees and found there were no branches, handy! haha

We also went on an elepahnt ride for nearly two hours in the jungle and to be honest we were dissapointed, they didn'tr treat the animals very well, so that was a shame and proably wouldn't do it again. But, it was an experience and it did make me laugh/shudder with terror when our 'driver' decided to get off our elephant and go for a wee and he did walk so slowly, think he must have been having a laugh on our expense. Then our elly decided to sit down mid way, should we take a hint? haha

We watched the sunset with friends we made, which was lovely, minus the rabid dogs that had chunks of their head missing! We have been meeting such lovely and fascinating people whilst travelling.

So happy to be doing this, such a priviledge and everyone to experience it! It is an amazing thing to lose track of days and the time!


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Chitwan, Kathmandu