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Turtle Island Fiji - One of the most romantic islands

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Recently, I read an article  in a travel blog about the Turtle Island being among the most luxurious islands in the world. Turtle Island, which is part of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji, is known for its idyllic scenes from the movie The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. Well, now it is considered one of the most romantic holiday destinations imaginable


With restricted access, Turtle Island is now one of the most romantic holiday resorts. The tropical paradise is only suitable for the privileged, and is accessed only through a vessel that allows only a limited number of people to stay on the island. The island is only about 2,000 square meters, and in fact, is a private island formerly known as Nanuya Levu, who runs a small accommidation's resort in bungalows with all the luxury and amenities you can imagine.

Just to stay overnight, the all inclusive price per couple is no less than 1,300 euros, but if our dream is to own the entire island for a week, we should only pay the staggering figure of 205,000 euros.

During your stay you should not expect anything less but the ideal place for a couple to spendtheir time together, so romantic, relaxing and exotic. The service, as promoted, is guaranteed to treat you as a special guest where they will do their utmost to resolve each of your requirements. Turtle Island (Turtle Island) is an ideal place to realize the dream of many couples: a stay in a perfect place.lI hope you enjoyed the latest travel news.. : )


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Turtle Island Fiji - One of the most romantic islands

Turtle Island, Fiji