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Off to another world

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Namaste (hello)...


We left England on a sunny day and flew to Dubai, stopped over and then went onto Thailand, whilst rushing through customs and having a good old panic, thinking we'd miss our flight to Kathmandu, we were informed that we were in fact 24 hours too early! hahan good start I say.

The next day we arrived in Kathamdu, Nepal. A slight shock to the system, it's like stepping back in time where technology and the life of somone in the first world cease to exist! All around you there is pollution ofvevery kind, beeping cars, bikes EVERYWHERE, honesltly I don't know how people survive walk ing the raods and streets around here ( no pavements) After our first Nepali lesson, we wondered around the Thamel area, busy, dirty, full of colour and bustliing life. A lot of stray dogs, Pip and I saw our first one and shouted 'RABIES' together, we seem to be rather paranoid about that! haha. Shops everywhere, but the houses with their balconies and engravings are grubby, yet beautiful.

Kathmadu is the busiest of towns and well worth the experience. Once home to many hippies in the Freak Street area, read a book called 'Hippie Dharma' which all began in Kathmandu, really fascinating! In Kathmandu there are many temples, too many maybe haha. We went to the monkey temple and heard a story that a toursit has been drinking coke and a monkey stole it off him, walked off and drank the contents. haha, lovely view over muggy Kathmandu. Also Bhaktapur, that was interesting too.

It has been really interesting learning about their culture here, most people are Hindu's and any others are mostly Buddest. How they have a caste system here and a living Goddess (Kumari) who has to hide away in a house until she hots puberty and has to leave, google it, wortha  read. The swtchsicker is a symbol of peace here (weird) and you often see the sign on houses. People here believe because they were brought up that way and never even think to question it.

In the first few days we leanrt a few rituals, superstiotions, tadtiotions etc:

1) In Nepal, locals eat with their right and wipes with their left ( no joke, you do not get loo rol in the bathroom, guess that says it all)

2) It is not rude to huck and spit everywhere, ALL THE TIME ( that got to be by the end off our trip

3) Eat Dal bhat which consists of rice, lentil soupy thing and a curry, all of Nepal eats this for breakfast and dinner everyday day! Hard to believe I know, but it's true!

Hygeine leaves something to be desired here, rather grotty, drove me a bit potty towards to end, haha.


1) Sing at the table ( to avoid death stairs from granny of the house in Kathmndu)

2)Rumage around the kitchen at night ( we are contaminated apparently, really?!) haha

3) Wear shoes in the house

4) Whistle in houses as you invite demons in

All of which we successfully did by the end of day 1!


Highlight of Kathmandu - the bakeries! Half price after 8pm too!


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