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Thailand The start

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Bangkok 26/10/2011 - 28/10/2011

Arrived safe and sound in Bangkok. We got a pink taxi to Khao San Road, the floods weren't too bad but we had to drive through a couple of roads which were 2 foot deep of water.

We got into our holiday mode and headed to the first bar with our backpacks for a Chang!

Didn't really see anything in Bangkok cus the floods got worse and we were a bit restricted to khao San road. Had a few nights out and met some nice people.

Cus of the floods we also had to change plans instead of going north we had to go down south, o well it just meant beaches a bit earlier than planned. What a gutter!!!

Pattaya 28/10/2011 - 29/11/2011
Was a bad day! First we got ripped off with our travel arrangements and it took double the time they say it would to get there. Plus some people tried getting into our bags luckily we had locks on them. When we arrived there we felt uneasy and we didn't like the place from the very start, it was very seedy. So the next day we left.
Ko Samet 29/10/2011 - 02/11/2011
We just chilled out in Ko Samet. We were right next to the beach, the beach had the nicest white sand. We made a few friends there Jasper the dutch man, and a few teachers who were teaching English in Bangkok but had to evacuate cus of the floods.  We went out a few nights to the bars on the beach


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