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Cultural heritage- Karachi

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The city is blessed with prominent nature, picturesque landscapes and rich variegated flora and fauna which easily grab tourist’s attention towards Karachi. Being located on the coast of Arabian Sea, the city offers plenty of water sports. You can enjoy water skiing, diving, yachting and cruising on your trip to this ancient and cultural city. There are stack of places that can be explored by the visitants here. The metropolis has many bustling markets, eminent hotels and restaurants when it comes to solacing visitors during their visit. Karachi is a major hub for higher education in Pakistan and has many well known educational institutes.

Some of the most popular Karachi tourism sites are- National Museum of Pakistan, Charminar, WWF Wetland centre, Habib Bank plaza, Unicorn Gallery, Karachi Expo Centre and Pakistan Air Force Museum. If family trip is on your mind this vacation then, be sure that your little kids will enjoy a lot. You can take them to Aladdin Amusement Park, Ancient Greeks Adventure Park, Sindbad Amusement Park and Karachi Zoo because every moment spent here will be cherished by your little ones for ever. Ask your family to pack their bags and come along with you as many flight services providers are offering cheap flights to Karachi these days.

Karachi is filled with different kind of Bazaar’s and malls, where to shop is up to you.  It is advisory for a visitor to visit local markets where he can find more culturally enriching experience then in big malls. You can shop for handicrafts, clothes, jewellery and other decorative materials in the Bazaar’s. Handmade clothes are beautifully knitted and aggrandized by the locals, which depicts the ancient culture and history of the city. While because of presence of world class hotels and restaurants, you can get to taste cuisines of every country. Pakistani food especially is very delicious and is known worldwide for its taste, so just grab your bite of famous Pakistani food here. If you are planning your upcoming trip, then book your Karachi flight and have a different yet charming experience of your lifetime.

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Cultural heritage- Karachi

karachi, Pakistan

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