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Scottish De-tour!

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De-Tour with the Scots!!

I jumped off the bus in Wellington and met up with Nikki and Christine that I had met in Fiji. They had rented a car and were travelling up the North Island up the East coast that I hadn’t been to with the bus. I jumped in with them for a couple of days and went up to Gisborne, Napier (Nappy er) and Hamilton.
We had a good laugh and good banter, Christine nearly killed us with her awesome driving skills and Nikki nearly made us laugh to death with her comic “genius”.
We drove through some cool scenery and stopped off now and again at random little towns. We went on a nice walk to a really amazing waterfall and tried to go in but it was freezing!
The towns we visited were a bit strange all really quiet and no one seemed to be about. We still had a good time though so that was all good.
I left the girls in Gisborne and went back down to Wellington so I could go over and get a new bus on the South Island.
I spent a day by myself in Wellington which was nice to chill out. I went up Mt Victoria that gave an amazing view over the whole of the city and surrounding area.  I spent 2 nights in the hostel there and had the worst 2 nights sleep probably of my life! The guy under me was older, fat and smelled of mingingness but to top it off he snored like a fog horn! Non stop! It was unbearable! He would stop every now and again and I’d start to relax then BOOOM he’d start snoring again, I kept shaking and kicking the bed to make him stop but yeah it was pretty bad! Every hostel should do dorms or cells for snorers I think!


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