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Kia Ora!

I think thats hello in maouri. Anyways I'm in New Zealand!!! Been here for nearly a week now and having a class time except for Wales getting beat by the French! :( I got here on the Tuesday I think and stayed in a pretty good hostel on the outskirts of Auckland. I walked into the city on the second day here to check it out. The place is buzzing for the World Cup they have put a load of effort into it and its pretty cool to see. Each area has adopted a second team so flags everywhere!

I went to the giant rugby ball and met some guy who worked for the bank that sponsors the World Cup, he told me that they had complimetary tickets for the games so I ended up walking around the city trying to find free tickets! Me and the Scottish girls I met in Fiji (yes such a small world!) went to the 30th floor in the second highest building in Auckland to ask if they had any free tickets that people didnt want! Got shot down pretty bad! Haha! Worth the try though!

Anyway on my second day there I went around the city, got a "free" haircut (I had to tip the trainee) and bought some food so I could cook and save some money. I found a free bus tour of the city that I could go on the next day so signed up for that and found out that the Scottish girls I met in Fiji were in Auckland and were on the same trip!

The bus tour was pretty good, had some free beer sampling, walked along the Auckland bridge to watch some people bunji and met some cool people who were doing various travelling adventures! We went out that night on a backpackers bar crawl! It was pretty good but bit like being on a British summer holiday.

The next day I had to move out of the hostel because it was full, I wanted to stick around for the Wales game so I got in touch with one of the girls from camp's family who live in Auckland and managed to go stay with them. It was a bit wierd going to someone's house to meet their parents and stay with them when the person you know isnt there and you have never spoken to the parents before but they are cool so it was all good! They have shown me around the North Shore which is stunning. Loads of volcanoes and lots of beaches. They have got everything here! There is a volcanic lake like 2 minutes from the beach! The islands and mountains/volcanoes are amazing!

Me and the Scottish girls managed to get cheapish tickets for the Wales vs France game so we went into the city and did the whole face painting thing and walked the Fan Walk to the stadium. The place was buzzing, loads of Welsh and everyone who wasnt French was supporting Wales to so that was pretty cool. There were bands and DJ's performing in the streets and loads of stuff going on. I sat pretty high in the stands but had a good view. Was devastated that we lost and in such a way! So close and just needed to get 1 kick over! Any other day!

Last night I went with the girls to watch New Zealand vs Australia at an Irish bar. It was jam packed and the atmosphere was awesome. We were supporting New Zealand because we want them to smash the French and if New Zealand lost the whole place would implode! So it was a good thing they won! We had a good night which meant I have chilled today, met some of the firends of the family I am staying with and had my first proper Sunday lunch in a loooooooong time! It was sooo good!

I'm off up North to the Bay of Islands tomorrow then back to Auckland for the bronze and proper final of the World Cup on the weekend!


Hope everyone isnt too distraught after Wales' loss! Speak to you soon! x


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New Zealand

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