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Dallas Texas USA

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After a typical Qantas delay in Melbourne, we took off to Sydney. Again delayed in SYdney but finally on our way. The service on the flight was surprisingly good, I guess they are making up for all the industrial disputes of late. We arrived in Dallas and took a cab to The Hotel Lawrence. This was situated in the Historic area 100 metres from where John F Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in November 1963 from the Book Depository (now a museum) window.

The food in Texas in fantastic, especially the steaks and scampi with black eyed peas.

There is a big DFO centre outside Dallas which was a bit disappointing but OK.

A must see is Fort Worth Stockyards where the beef industry was booming last century. Very interseting and a lot of fun at Billy Bobs a huge saloon and entertainment centre where many Hollywood film scenes are shot. Shauna boot scooted with the locals and we had a drink at the Hotel Fort Worth where Bonnie and Clyde hid out.


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