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I left Amsterdam somewhere around 7pm. I started at the hitchhiking hotspot near the Amstel station. It didn't take long for a car to pull over  asking me where I needed to go. I told him I was heading east in which he responded: "Hop on in! I'm heading to Enschede". That is about as far east you can get in the Netherlands. So there I was, next to a complete stranger on my way to Enschede. I told him about my journey into the world. He said he admired me. He used to want to do the same but he was afraid to actually start the trip. We talked for quite some time which was an easy conversation despite his accent. Once we were at Deventer he said we needed to switch to his private car (we were in his working vehicle). So we did. Once changed to the other car and the gate of his business closed well we drove off to Enschede. Just before Enschede he dropped me off at a gas station from where I could try and find the next ride. I thanked him he wished me good luck and our ways separated. At the gas station I just went to every arriving car asking them where they were going. Until at one point two guys asked if I was waiting for someone. I told them about my plans and my journey and they were really surprised and impressed I had these plans. Just some talking later we found out that one of the guys also lives in Amsterdam-North. And the other guy went to the same school as me. Then I realised we live in a small world. But despite all the laughs we had they had to go on the road again, they couldn't take me with them cause they were just going one town further. So they decided to buy me a large Redbull and a bag of Crisps. They wished me luck and hoped we'd meet again one day. I hope so too I responded. Just a few seconds later this beautiful Mercedes came driving at me. A soldier stepped out of the car, I asked him where he was going. He told me he was going to Münster. I asked him if I could go with him, "Ofcourse!" he said. Then I realised that in just about one hour I would be in Germany. With the "Colonel" as I call him because I forgot his name I talked about several militaire missions and actions. We also talked about my interests in the navy. Then we talked about politics and he had great interest in my trip to hongkong. He told me he thought it was a great idea, you'll get to know yourself this way, it will strengthen you mentally and physically and it will enlighten you. He made me promise that whatever misfortunes and adversity's I encounter I should never give up. So I promised him I wouldn't. He dropped me off just before Münster at a gas station. There within 5 minutes I found a ride to a gas station near Zeven. This is one of the greatest travelling companions till now. German hip-hop in the car, cold cokes, free smokes and a laid back seat. I took a nap in this ride cause I was quite tired from the rides so far. We travelled about 200 kilometers together. Despite the language barriere we had a great laugh together. He was on his way to a village near Hamburg to pick up a friend with whom he was going to travel to Italy. He thought that my idea to travel this way was a great idea. He hoped I'd reach my destination safely. So once again I was at a gas station looking for a ride, it took a while before I found another ride but once I did it was worth the wait. Now I could say I really was travelling in style, a brand new jaguar. Travelling with this rich old man and his trophy wife was quite the experience. They took me to a gas station just before Hamburg. it was there where I wrote this journal. 


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