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A Guide to Shopping in Prague, Czech

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Prague's main shopping area covers Wenceslas Square and Republic Square and offers everything from local shops to international department stores. Smaller boutiques, souvenir, and art shops can be found in the Old Town Square and Mala Strana.

The Cerna Ruze Shopping Center near Wenceslas Square contains several shops, restaurants, and cafes for the casual shopper. International stores such as Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bang & Oulfsen can be found here.

Other familiar department stores of interest would include Debenhams, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Kotva, and C&A Department Store. The famed Bohemian crystal, porcelain, and hand-blown Moser glass can be found in stores in Old Town. There are also a large number of antique stores offering antique watches and jewelry, paintings, historical glass and china.

Handcrafted jewelry can be purchased at specialty stores like Blue Rabbit, where it is said that no two pieces look exactly alike. Czech garnets, which should come with a certificate of authenticity, are easily available at stores around the city.

Another interesting  Prague Break souvenir is the marionette. They come in all manner of sizes and quality and the prices vary accordingly. They can be gifted as toys to children or even as showpieces to adults since they make good conversation starters.

The open air market in Holesovice is a shopper's paradise due to the wide availability of bargains in a single location. Heavy bargaining will solicit some major discounts, particularly if more than a single item is being purchased. The stalls offer watches, clothing, shoes and boots, handbags, knives and swords, perfume, and jewelry. A number of Chinese takeaway stalls offer good food at low prices here.

For those interested in wrought iron handicrafts, blacksmiths in the Old Town Square work within view of the public. One simply has to make a request and the item will be forged right there. Prices vary according to the item.

For a glimpse of art in action, take a walk down Charles Bridge, where artists have their works on display. The most popular of these are the watercolor renderings of the landscape, all of which are done in minute detail. Best of all, you can bargain for and buy your favorite paintings.

And of course, the mandatory souvenir shops selling plastic replicas of Prague buildings can be found throughout the city. Take home cheap mementos ranging from T-shirts with cute slogans to small cardboard calendars depicting famous Prague landmarks.


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A Guide to Shopping in Prague, Czech

prague, Czech Republic