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Coral Coast

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Alritey there!!


Soo after the craziness of Suva I went to the Coral Coast in the south of Fiji and did my PADI Open Water Dive course. It was pretty surreal at first but once got used to breathing underwater it was AMAZING! On my second to last dive we were swimming around looking at the amazing coral and all the fish and two White Tip Sharks just cruised past about 10 feet away from me!! They didnt say that we might see sharks so it was pretty cool! On my last dive we saw another one to!

While I was scuba diving I stayed in this masssive hostel that had crazy paintings all over it and there was only me and one other person staying there! So wierd! First it was a Danish guy staying there, he left and an Argentinan called Pablo came and then he left and then an Irish girl called Eirinhguet or something came. Most random wierd place I've stayed but was pretty cool just do my own thing and became good mates with the Fijian security guards who were basically just security gurards for me. They said I had to go back sometime and they would take me to the real towns and show me where they live etc! Had a few days on the beach chilling and then after finishing my course I went up to a resort called the Beach house.


At the Beach house I spent my first night by myself chilling most of the people there were couples. In the morning I went down to the beach to read my book in a hammock and a dog came to sleep under me. These two girls walked passed and saw and were like making "cute" noises at the dog but then realised it must have looked like they were doing it to me! They introduced themselves and so I hung out with them and a guy from Bangor uni, and another English guy that knew the Auzzie guy Grant that I was meeting there in a couple of days! Its mental how much of a small world it is!! Anyway I had a wicked time for the 3 days I was there with them. We watched Wales beat Ireland and England lose to France, went SUPing, kayaking, snorkeling in a storm, played volleyball, played cards for 4 hours straight, had free afternoon scones and tea and had some class nights with some Fijian guys to. It was a wicked end to my time in Fiji. On my last night I got a lift from some randomer back to the first hostel I stayed at so I could get the plane early the next morning. I saw an amazing sunset over the sea and got ready for my flight the next day.

Fiji was wicked, such a poor country but everyone was so cool, made you really welcome and they were so happy I'd defo go there again!


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