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Sooo Suva..... haha! I left Nadi on this bus that goes accross the whole island. I was the only white person on the bus and most of the seats were taken. I squashed up to these two huge Fijian guys. Fijians are the nicest, most friendly people I have ever met so I didnt need to be too worried. The guy started chatting to me and I found out he was an ex-pro Rugby player in Fiji and he played for the national 7's team! Anyway we chatted and he told me about the country and stuff. It was cool to see the landscape change from moutnains with pine trees here and there to dense rainforest and white beaches. When we got to Suva the guy asked if I knew where I was going and offered to show me around and show me where to go. We walked through the city and markets a lot of people saying hi to him as we went. It must have looked so wierd this massive Fijian guy walking aorund with the only skinny ginger white guy in town! haha! Anyway I left him and found my hostel. I got there and it was a massive place but no one was there excpet the people working there and an old guy. I chilled and decided to follow the advise of Adam my friend in America  - "if in doubt go to a bar!" So I went to this bar for some food and to watch the end of the Tonga match! That was awesome and I decided to stay to watch England vs Scotland. I sat by myself in a corner by the bar. Little did I know that I'd end up eating chocolate cake and drinking wine in a swimming pool at 3am at the British High Commissioners House with a Fijian a Kiwi girl and a Scottish girl!!

Soo yeah I got chatting to these girls one English, one Kiwi and a Scottish. That was fun because of the banter during the game, they were working in Suva as volunteers etc so was cool to chat. Then this guy came up to us and was like "We got some British over here? Why dont you come and join the English, Scottish, Welsh and Australian that are sitting around the corner?" We were well suprised so went over and met these people. One of the English guys happened to be staying in my hostel in the same room as me, so that was a bit wierd at first and he was a bit wierd to so yeah but then the others were all working in for the British High Comission for each country: a Welsh girl, Scottish girl, English girl and then an Auzzie girl. The guy who invited us over was actually the British High Commissioner! I couldnt believe it because he was like 30 or something but yeah he'd been moved from the Solomon Islands to Fiji! haha! He bought us drinks and chatted etc and decided he wanted to go to Kareoke so me the Fijian guy, the kiwi and scot went and got bored quick! He decided to get us a taxi and we all went to his house! We went in through the huge gates and 24 hour security post and in to this huge house! It had pictures of the Queen everywhere, massive lounges, sun terraces and a swimming pool! We got in the pool and he borught drinks and brought down this AMAZING chocolate cake that me and the Fijian guy killed! It was soo good! So we hung out there until 3am at least, he offered for us to stay but everyone lived close so decided to go home, wish we stayed in the end but oh well! I got back to the hostel and had to wake the one armed security guy up to let me in. He wasnt two handy!

I woke up after probably the most random night I've ever had to have another one!!....

I got up a bit late and decided to go into town to check up on the bus time tables and get some cheap food from a supermarket or something. It was a Sunday so quite quiet but I found what I needed and bought some local food for lunch. I sat next to the harbour to eat my lunch and this stumbling drunk guy proved how friendly Fijians are. He stumbled over to me and he was the first person that I've felt a bit weary of, but he came over and asked for the time and then offered me his half drunk horrible looking beer! I declined it suprisingly! haha! But yeah they are all so nice! Anyways I got back to the hostel got my Wales shirt on and went back to the bar I'd been in the night before to watch the Wales vs Fiji match.

The Kiwi girl and the Fijian guy were there so we watched the game together, I kept quieter than I would have liked to but I was hugely outnumbered so yeah! I celebrated in silence. After the game the girl went home but I stayed to watch the Ireland game. I didnt get to see much of it though because the Fijians two friends came. One was apparently a bit of a celebrity in Fiji, probably their version of Gokwan! haha but maybe not as bad, and then this huge guy who was from Fiji but workd in Australia. They were apparently both loaded! I ended up paying for 2 drinks for that whole night, they kept buying rounds and wouldnt let me pay or even leave when I said I should go! We went to this club and they introduced me to their traditional Bounty Rum which is pretty good to be fair, and yeah stayed there a bit later than I had planned! But so random and cool how easy it is to meet people! I chatted to the Australian guy for most of the night really he was cool and liked coming back so he could see his friends and treat them to a night out. His bar tab would end up being what they would earn in like 2 weeks! I walked home through the city by myself in my Wales shirt, dont know if that was wise but got back ok. I left Suva the next morning at 6:30am on the bus to come to Pacific Habour to do a Scuba Dive. That is where I am now.

I hope you are all well at home. Heard the weather has been good so I'm glad to hear that! If you ever think of going to Fiji do it!! Thinking of everyone at home! Will post again soon I'm sure!! Take it easy!!



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