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Bula!! I'm in Fiji and cant believe it!!

So I got in to Nadi at around 5am on the 29th after somehow losing a day while I flew from LA. I got to my hostel and was greeted by the only grumpy person I have come accross while I have been here. My room wasnt ready so I had to sit and wait until about 10am. I sat by the pool (yes the hostel had a pool, and free breakfast that was served!) and got talking to some people while they ate their breakfast (moody guy wouldnt give me any because I hadnt checked in). The French girl that I met was going into town so I went with her to kill some time. The bus into town was wicked! No windows just a pull down canopy and it started to chuck it down so it was a pretty eventful first journey. Nadi is a crazy place but its so wierd everyone is so chilled out even though its so busy. After going around town and having lunch we went back to the hostel and I moved in etc. I met a cool Auzzy guy called Grant, (so yeah it was Huw and Grant) and we went to check the bar out at the nearby resort.

I had been asked by the taxi driver that picked me up at the airport if I wanted to do something the following day, he said he'd take me on a hike, see his home, go to a Fijian Village etc so Grant and I decided to take him up on the offer. He drove us up into the mountains going like 10miles an hour on this rocky road until we got to his house. They all live in little sheds or shacks with tin roofs and hardly any furniture. It was cool to see how happy they were even though they hardly had anything. He had chickens, goats and horses just walking around outsied and his neighbours practically lived in their house to. The women were well funny kept asking if we were married! We politley avoided that question! So yeah the taxi driver took us to this mountain we hicked up and could see loads of the other islands, it was pretty cool. On the way back down he took us to a small village. All the houses are like in a circle around the church and community hall/shelter. When we got there all the men in the village were sat on the floor in this shelter and they invited us in. Me and Grant were the only white guys there! We sat on the floor and they all quizzed us and offered is Kava their traditional drink, its like dirty water really no offense but yeah we drank it from coconut shells as they did this chant! It was really cool seeing how they live. They have hardly anything, just live off the land really although they did ask if we had Facebook!! Haha! I couldnt believe it I dont even think they had electricity!

After leaving the village we went down to the hostel picked up the French girl and a German guy and went to some mud pools and hot springs! (pictures on the way!) They were wicked so wierd to feel really clean after being plastered in mud!

I left the hostel the next morning after agreeing to meet Grant at the end of next week at another hostel to go kayaking and meeting some Scottish girls doing a similar trip, some Irish girls passing through to Hawaii and an American couple also going to Hawaii. Pretty cool how you just bump into people. I found my way to Nadi to get the bus to Suva which is the capital city on the other side of the Island. I will do another entry for Suva because that was a crazy time!!


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