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I returned from Cairo on Friday 30th September, I decided to write a blog whilst my memory is still fresh. So we arrivied in the country and all was good and there was a guy standing with our name on a card, things were looking positive as they took us to the right hotel, unfortuneately we didn't have any change to tip the driver! only 100 LE (£10 roughly).

The hotel we stayed at, Horizon Pyramid hotel was good, with a view of the pyramids in the dusty distance, on a very busy road, which didn't bother me too much i had ear plugs =]. The food was amazing there, we had booked for dinner and breakfast buffet, which was well worth it. I miss it already having food cooked for you with so much choice and no washing up to do =[...the only thing is I do agree with reviews that the staff didn't know there english very well and it seemed they laughed and spoke in arabic after serving me... which is never good.... i didn't think my question was that stupid or funny... just wanted to know if I could change traveller cheques at hotel if not where would be the best place to do so? HHHillllarioOOoous ?

I ma glad I booked tours online cause where I stayed I wouldn't have known where the nearest tourist information place would be. There seemed to have an tour operator at the hotel, but who knows what I would have got with the hotel staff? We toured the gizas, though on these tours we were taken into shops, where we had little money in the first place and the staff would walk up behind you and be trying to sell you stuff which you could get 100LE cheaper at our hotel. I didn't like it where I went into Valley of Kings and we had to pay a staff memeber for randomly showing us stuff, I didn't want you to guide us! Luckily i walked fast away with Craig so we didn't have to pay him :P! and toliet you have to find the smallest change... imaging gonig to toliet and only having a 10er to pay them for some toliet roll... I would rather wet myself! They don't give change you have to give what you got... very annoying. Apart from that I very much enjoyed my holiday, hot weather, tours and guides.


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