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Happiness is a travel, not a destination

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From Kaiteriteri we moved on to Westport. The first night we stayed at a crappy hostel. Well, at first it seemed to be quite nice. Because we were put in a 8 bed dorm with its own kitchen and bathroom and there was no one else! We had a tv, so we put on the music channel and held a “pepper party”, because Nicky has been fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for about 5 years now. We made pancakes and played loud music. But yeah, apparently the other people that were staying in our room arrived later, and they wanted to sleep, so the party was soon over. But that night I discovered a cool New Zealand band: The Pheasant. For the next few days we decided to move to another hostel (just around the corner), because this hostel is only nice when you have a room for yourself. And the other one was way better. We could use bikes for free. So one day I hopped on a bike and explored the surroundings of Westport. It was a beautiful day, very sunny. I went to the beach and the river and just cycled around a bit. Sometimes it’s nice to be on your own. In the evening Nicky and I sat down, drank a cider and started to make a list of what we want to do in life. Haha, it must sound weird, but it makes me want to live even more than I’m doing now!


The 21st of February we arrived in Hokitika. It must have been a nice place, but it was raining all the time… Though one day, when it was not too bad, I took the bike and like in Westport I cycled around a bit. Hokitika has the ugliest beach that I’ve ever seen. Well, this opinion is probably also affected by the grey sky, but the beach was full of cut down trees. When it started raining more, I looked around in some shops. There were a lot of Jade shops and eventually I bought a necklace. But we spent most of the time in the hostel reading a book. But I actually quite liked that.


The next stop on the Kiwi Experience bus was Lake Mahinapua. HORRIBLE!! Well, the lake was beautiful, but the rest… A few days before the arrival, the Kiwi Experience announced that there was going to be a dress up party in the hostel in Lake Mahinapua. The hostel there is owned by an 80 year old man and there is a pub next to it. The theme of the party was rubbish bags. We thought it was going to be very cool. You had to be creative and make a costume out of rubbish bags. We put ferns on our bags and went like New Zealand bush men. But only the dress up part was fun. The party was so stupid. There were only a few people and it seemed like everybody only cared about getting drunk. So we left after half an hour and got to bed. The next morning we heard there was a big fight between drunk guys and that one drunk guy punched the 80 year old man. So we definitely missed a lot of fun… But yeah, it seems that people on the kiwi experience only care about partying and getting drunk. My god. I mean, is that why you come all the way to New Zealand for? We hear a lot that people get hangovers and then miss out on a beautiful walk. How stupid can you be.


But yeah. Franz Joseph was a lot better. As soon as we hopped of the bus, we got rid of the kiwi group and stayed in another hostel. It was a nice place. And Tamara, a German girl that we met in Hokitika, was in our room again. The three of us took a walk through the forest, it was beautiful. But when we got back I discovered that my Jade necklace was gone. I never believed we could find the green thing between all the green leaves from the forest. But Tamara believed she could, so she insisted on going back and search for it. Very sweet of her and she actually did find it!!! The next day in Franz, we went to the glacier. We didn’t want to walk on it, but we could see it from a short distance. It was very beautiful, but it’s weird to read how dangerous glaciers can be. It all seems so safe, but there have actually died a few people out there. (but don’t worry mum, we were behind the safety barriers)


The next stop was a bit like Franz Joseph. It was Fox Glacier, and it was also a very small town. The first day we took a walk to the glacier. We wanted to see if we wanted to go on it. This glacier and the area around it was a lot more beautiful… The valley was absolutely stunning. So we decided to go on it the next day. It was weird to realize that you walk on tons of ice, but it was a cool experience.


On the way to Haast, we stopped at lake Matheson very early in the morning. That was because if you go there early there is a beautiful reflection in the lake, like a mirror. It was lovely to have breakfast there, beautiful.


Haast was a nice place, with only 300 inhabitants. The surroundings were beautiful. Again, I could use bikes for free at the hostel. So again, I went for a trip by myself. Don’t worry by the way, sometimes Nicky and I need some time for ourselves, but we’re still having a great time together. (I love travelling with her!!) I cycled to a bridge with a beautiful view over the and I did a little walk. The next day, Nicky and I hitchhiked to Jackson Bay, where we did a little walk and ate fish and chips. On the way to Jackson Bay we drove with a nice kiwi couple. And on the way back we drove with Jim from New York. If we ever want to go there, we are welcome to stay in his place. Cool, we’re getting to know people from all over the world!


When we wanted to leave Haast, the Kiwi Experience told us that the bus was fully booked. (we are starting to hate the kiwi bus more and more) But Haast was getting a little bit boring, we didn’t want to stay there for another night, so we decided to hitchhike. Well, actually we cheated, cause when we were having breakfast in the hostel, a German guy apparently heard us talking about hitchhiking to Wanaka so he came up to us and was like: you can come with me! Cool, so we drove with him. He was a really cool guy. Along the way we stopped at some waterfalls and some nice viewing points. It was a nice drive and I was actually happy not being on the kiwi bus. Hitchhiking is way more fun! But unfortunately not always safe…


So, right now I’m in Wanaka and I never thought it would be this amazing. We are staying at some relatives of Leen. They are such nice people! We have already met them on Christmas and Boxing day and that’s when they invited us over. They live in a beautiful house on a hill (they are the only one on it…) and from their windows they can see the lake and the mountains and the village, it is absolutely amazing! Their backyard is a forest (full of mountain bike tracks) and let’s not mention the pool and the spa this time…


So yes, we’re having a great time over here. But I was a little bit shocked when I got some news from home a few days ago. My sister crashed while skiing in Austria and she hit her head very hard on the ice. It sounded quite bad, but she’s doing fine now and I’m very very happy for that! Please get better soon Danielle, I’m thinking of you smiley


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