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And the journey goes on...

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And there she was again, Margje!! She was sitting in the same bus, so together we went off to River Valley. River Valley was a hostel in a valley next to a river (duh…). We only stayed there for one night, and that was more than enough for me. There were loads of sand flies (tiny black flies that sting worse than normal mosquitoes) and damn, they are annoying!! But the river was very very beautiful (and freezing). That night we cooked dinner with Margje. The whole evening we were talking and laughing, she is so nice, the three of us had a great time! But then there was the “orgi-room”… The hostel only had 2 big rooms with matrasses put directly next to each other. Not really comfortable, especially when some drunk English guys start screaming and waking you up.


Well, I was very happy to move on to Wellington the next day. When we arrived in Wellington we met Arjan and his friend Valentijn. I know Arjan from work and he was travelling through his home country for a month. The four of us had dinner and then they dropped us at Mariska’s place. It was very nice to see him again and to meet his friend, they’re really cool guys. It’s a bit of a shame that he’s living in Australia now.


Mariska is a Dutch woman Nicky met over the phone at work (ahhh, work’s chasing us). She wanted to get in touch with her father and then she explained that she lives in New Zealand. When Nicky told her that she wanted to go travelling there, Mariska invited us to stay at her place for a little while! So we did. She is a very nice woman and so is her family. It’s very funny that one of her sons, Mats, has the same name and the same age as Nicky’s brother. I think it’s really nice of her to have us at her place while she doesn’t even know us!


So the second day in Wellington we went to the Te Papa museum. We didn’t see all of it yet (the museum is quite big), cause I was actually wandering around in the city and waiting for a concert. That night I saw Incubus play!! Ah, they were so good, it was awesome!


The next day we met up with Margje again and we went to the Weta Cave. That’s the studio and working place of Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s only a little shop with some cool stuff (a real size orc and gollum) and you can watch a video of what they do here in Wellington. It is unbelievable the amount of work they’ve done for this movie…  We talked a little bit with the people who were working in the shop and one of them was a drunk pub dwarf in the first movie for about 2 seconds. Yeah, that guy must be rich and famous. But I think Nicky rather wants to meet someone like Aragorn. Just a guess. We have also seen, as we call him, Peter Jackson’s bro! I don’t know why but we were laughing all the time, we had such a good time. Especially in the bus when Nicky was taking photos of me and Margje while we were imitating the LOTR characters. It was just so stupid, but so funny.


The last day in Wellington we did a Lord of the Rings tour (gee, we sound like fans). A guy drove us around in a little van to a couple of places where PJ and his bros have filmed. Every time on the way to another place, he showed us the scene of the place where we were going to. So that made it easier to recognize. And, like real fans, we got dressed up sometimes like an elf or a hobbit and made pictures. We met Noa, a Dutch guy, during this tour. And he knew my mother, because he had been in the same school as where she is teaching. How funny. It was an awesome day and it was very cool to see all the spots where they’ve filmed the movie.


The next day we took the ferry to Picton and there we met Noa again. Noa really looked like Joep, a guy from our school. I guess that eventually he was getting very annoyed by us calling him that. But it was a fun boat trip. Quite beautiful as well.


From Picton we drove on to Nelson. We stayed in the Paradiso lodge for one night. The hostel was so nice!! It had a pool, a spa, a sauna, and just really nice people and stuff, it was really cool! The next day we were meeting up with Leen en Lianne (Nicky’s auntie & uncle). The four of us stayed in Motueka and we did some kayaking in the Abel Tasman park. We had a beautiful day. First, we did a walk and then we stopped at a place where we did some kayaking. And that was beautiful. Our guide was lika a real pirate, haha. He was a good storyteller: “… she wanted to make this area a national park, so she wrote a letter to the Dutch queen to ask if it was ok to name it after the Dutch Abel Tasman. And the queen was like ‘hell yeah man’! …” and so on… He was cool. We stopped at some beautiful beaches, took a swim, sang some pirate songs (THIS IS THE TIME, OF CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW) and we had a really good time. It was also very nice to see Leen and Lianne again, they are lovely people.


But from Motueka we didn’t want to go south yet. We loved Nelson so much, that we wanted to go back and stay there longer! We stayed for one more week in the Paradiso lodge, and it was great. We were staying in “the love shack”, a small wooden house for just the two of us. They also had tipis, it was a funny hostel. I spent a lot of time laying in the sun listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. One day we ended up in a music shop. The guy who worked in the store asked us if we would like to jam, so we did (me on drums, Nicky on bass). It felt just so good to play music again, I’m really missing that. One day I decided to go running and randomly I followed a river. I didn’t know that I was going to a beautiful place, the Mitai Valley. I can feel so happy running and walking through beautiful landscapes with some music in my ears. Ah, I love that! I took Nicky there another day to go for a walk. We also walked to the centre of New Zealand. And we spent some time with weird Germans in the Spa pool. But we really love Nelson. It´s a little town, but not too small and it´s surrounded by hills and mountains. I don´t know why, but we just felt so good over there.


The next destination was Kaiteriteri. It´s a little holiday spot and has a beautiful beach. We stayed there for two nights and didn´t do much except relaxing on the beach. One day I walked in my bathers to a little `island´ (well it wasn´t an island, but it looked like one). There was absolutely no one so I just walked there by myself singing out loud and enjoying the sun, hmmm…


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New Zealand 2012

New Zealand