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I love it here

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Hi guys. First of all I hope that you all had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy new year.


My Christmas and Boxing day were awesome!! On Christmas eve we went to the church and sang Christmas songs, because Leen had to play the keyboard in a band.


On Christmas day, 26 people came over for a BBQ and presents. They were family and friends of Leen and Lianne. It was nice to meet new people. It was a hot and sunny day, just perfect for Christmas.


The weather was the same on Boxing day, so with the same people we went to Lake Camp, a beautiful lake in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains. We did some relaxing, swimming, water skiing and eating the leftovers from Christmas day. We had so much fun. I tried the water skiing but I couldn’t get up. That part is very hard, but they say that once you get up it’s easy. Nicky did better than me, but even she fell after a few seconds. I really want to be able to do it, so during this trip I will do it a few more times I hope. And we sure will! Because the people who own the boat live in Wanaka, a beautiful and perfect place to water ski. They invited us there for some more water skiing, so yay! Nicky and I also went behind the boat on what they call a ‘biscuit’. That goes really fast, and I fell of twice, but we had lots of fun.


After this lovely day, Leen, Lianne, Nicky and I went to Mount Sunday, a mountain where a part of the movie Lord of The Rings is filmed. If you know the movie, it’s that mountain you see in the 2nd and 3rd movie, where the small village Edoras is on. It was absolutely beautiful.


The days after Boxing day were quiet, I didn’t do much. But that was good, I really needed to rest, because I have been a little bit ill since I arrived, I had hay fever and a cold at the same time. The cold is over now, but still that annoying hay fever… Anyway, Nicky and I went cycling besides a river (beautiful), we cooked diner once (we all had cheese bellies after that, haha, oops, too much cheese), we had lunch with Ainsly, and we went to see Christmas lights in a house in Ashburton (those people have a crazy collection of Christmas things). I also played a lot with the dogs, they are so lovely! A little one, Evy and a very big one, Sascha. Evy just gets totally nuts when you are playing with her, very cute. The big one is old and wants to cuddle all the time.


Leen and Lianne are making jokes about how much time we spend in the spa, almost every night I guess. But who cares, we’re on holiday and we just love to watch the stars in a bubble bath, hmmm….


Julia, a cousin of Leen, invited us for a trip to Lake Camp again to spend New Year’s eve there. Nicky didn’t go, because she wanted to spend New Year’s with her uncle and auntie, but I packed my stuff and went for a trip with them in their little bus. I think it’s healthy to be away from each other sometimes when you are traveling together for such a long time. There were a lot people that I already knew from Christmas and a lot of young people. On new year’s eve there was a big bon fire and a disco (self-sufficient energy from the truck, because in that place there is no electricity or mobile phone connections, they all have to generate that themselves). It was a great night, though everyone was just soooo drunk (pissed!), and later in the night people started dancing and running very close to the fire, some people jumped over it and burned themselves, nice... The party was lots of fun though and like Christmas it sure was a kiwi experience. The next day we had a nice sunny day by the lake again. And again I tried the water skiing, and this time I got ‘professional’ help! I skied for a few seconds with my knees bend, but still I fell off quickly, so I need some more practising, but she said that that’s completely normal, it’s very hard.


The next few days were like relaxing, walking, running, preparing for our kiwi experience tour, spending some time in the spa and that sort of things. The weather has not been that good, so we watched the three Lord of the Rings movies. Nicky had not seen them yet, and I thought she had to, because they’re just such awesome movies and all of it is filmed in New Zealand! She really liked them, and today we accidentally walked into a bookstore where they had the Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook! So all the locations in New Zealand where they filmed the movie are explained and told where they are. So now I guess our Kiwi Experience tour is turning into a Lord of the Rings tour… ? Well, if that’s so, we are at least going to see the most amazing scenery in the world.


Tomorrow we will fly to Auckland, spend a few days there and start our backpacking tour… Awesome!



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