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Hello New Zealand

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I’m in New Zealand!! I’ll give you just a short introduction. Ashburton is very quiet compared to Sydney, nice contrast. We’re staying with Nicky’s auntie and ucle, Leen and Lianne. They are nice people. And their house, WOW! Very very big, I got lost a few times in it at first. And they have 8 hectare land. They have three ponies and two lovely dogs. I think I will be totally ‘zen’ after being here. It’s a very very luxury place to be for backpackers… And were staying here for at least 14 days… Yay! Yesterday Ainsly and Vincent (daughter and son of L&L) came over for dinner, it was nice to meet them. Today is a sunny day and I already experienced two 5.8 earthquakes. It’s all over the NZ news, poor Christchurch… But because of this I watched the Maori news too, funny language, don’t understand a word.


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New Zealand 2012

New Zealand