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So, the last few days in Adelaide were nice. We haven’t done many things. We’ve been to the beach, we listened to Christmas carols and watched fireworks there.


Leaving Adelaide was sad, but on the other hand I was really excited to go to Sydney. I have made some really good friends. So the goodbye on the Airport was a bit emotional. But hey, it wasn’t a goodbye, I’ll definitely come to Australia again and in 2014 Liana will visit Holland and Thalia wants to live in Ireland. I had a really good time in Adelaide with them.

When we arrived in Sydney, Mitchell picked us up. He is the husband of the ex-colleague of Nicky’s uncle, so when we got in the car he asked: “So, who are you…?”, that was quite funny. The guy was a bit strange, but of course it was very nice of him to have us in his place! And his house was beautiful… His girlfriend (who was away for a few days) is really into art, so everything in the house was very special. And we were very close to the centre of the city, we could stand on the roof and see the harbour bridge.

The first day it rained awfully, we walked between high buildings and the sky was grey and I was like: shit, this place is like Rotterdam (a city which I think is ugly). But in the evening it stopped raining and at that time of the day the city is beautiful… We had a nice time in a pub with live music.

The second day we hopped on and hopped of a sightseeing bus tour. Ah, I felt such a tourist. We’ve been in an aquarium, we’ve seen some nice places and walked through the botanic gardens. In the evening Mitchell took us to a restaurant to eat Kangaroo and Crocodile pizza. Nice experience, but I don’t really like it. If you want to know what crocodile tastes like, eat chicken and fish at the same time, it’s exactly like that. After this we went to a pub where we could stand on the roof and view the city, so beautiful. Nicky and I also took a walk around the Opera House, it’s so beautiful in the night. From there we could see the Harbour Bridge, the city lights and you’re close to the water. Not many people at that time of the day, so it’s really relaxing and so so beautiful. On the way home in the middle of the night we met two guys where we hang out with for a while, they were cool.

The third day we took the ferry to Manly, a nice suburb of Sydney. We also relaxed in the botanic gardens again (nice quiet place to run away from the busy city), been to the art gallery and took a Bondi beach tour (the famous beach of Sydney). In the evening we ‘climbed’ the Sydney tower and enjoyed the pretty views. And after all, the city isn’t like Rotterdam at all. It’s very beautiful, especially by night. But I would never want to live there, way too busy for me.

Well then, Australia was very nice. I really felt at home in this country, I felt very safe and the people are so nice!! They have creepy spiders though (see picture). And supermarkets, ice-cream and beer is expensive. But however, if you've never been there, GO!! It's worth it.

Goodbye Australia, hello New Zealand!!


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Australia 2011

Adelaide, Sydney, Australia