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Real Australia

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It has been a while since my last blog, I was too busy doing fun things:


Before all the adventure, we spent a few days in the city. First with Niels. Nicky met him in Italy last (European) summer and now he is in Adelaide as well! We had fun wandering around in the city.


Thalia, Nicky and I went to 3 museums in Adelaide: Migration museum, South Australia museum and the Art Gallery. I think the aboriginal art, which we saw in the South Australia museum,  is beautiful.  


On Wednesday the 7th Thalia (and her friends) took us to a dance club. They played 90’s music, like the spice girls and the backstreet boys. Not my music at all. I bet you can imagine what the party was like... We had lots of fun though!!


Thalia, Nicky and I spent a day at the beach. It’s so lovely to go for a run in the sand near the water, it’s just so relaxing… Hmm…


On Saturday, Cees took us to Barossa valley. A place where you find lots of vineyards and beautiful landscapes. And of course, we did some wine tasting. It was a really nice day, we had lots of fun, the wine tasted great and we’ve seen the most pretty views!!


Nicky, the Wesseling family, Niels and I went to a wildlife zoo on Sunday. I held a Koala and fed Kangaroos. I absolutely love these animals. Koalas are kind of lazy though. They sleep 20 hours per day and eat 4 hours…  We had lots of fun teasing some monkeys. I got slapped by one after I put grass blade in it’s nose. The monkey had a really angry expression on it’s face, like: “don’t you do that to me!” It was hilarious. After this we climbed the largest rocking horse in the world! I received my certificate for it. How awesome is that.


On Monday we had to get up very early to start our 2 day Kangaroo Island trip!! We were in a group of 11 people from all different countries, we had a nice time with them. The first activity was Kayaking. We did that on a river near a beautiful white beach… There were  no people and tourist, just us, it was so pretty. After this we drove to an area where we could find wild Koalas and Kangaroos. We saw a few Koala’s, one really close, you could almost touch it. And we saw a lot of Kangaroos and I approached some really close. Beautiful peaceful animals. But there were Kangaroos everywhere on the Island. You cannot drive around on the Island without seeing one. After this we drove to a place where we could see seals. I think I can watch those animals forever, you’re looking at a real society out there: one playing, one sleeping, one fighting, one sunbathing.  After the seals we drove to the Remarkable Rocks. Just look at my photos, it was beautiful. Our hostel was a nice farmhouse in the middle of the bush. Together we cooked and ate dinner, it was nice meeting people from all over the world. When it was dark, we got out for a drive to see wild animals, because they come out more during the night. Suddenly there was a Koala on the middle of the road, it was so cute!! When we began taking pictures of it, it walked off the road and climbed in a tree. What a beautiful creature. Before going to bed we all sat together at a camp fire. The next day we started very early with sand boarding! That is so much fun!! We had to climb a large sand dune (called the Little Sahara) and get off laying down on a board. Goes really fast. We could also go off standing on a ‘snowboard’. The tour guide didn’t recommend doing that if you never snowboarded before, but I tried it anyway and it was awesome!! After this we saw some seals again. And some really beautiful beaches and nice views. The Island felt like one little paradise. The funny thing about the Island was that there were all different kinds of places: beaches, rivers, little forests, little deserts (little sahara) etc. We first thought about a trip to Alice Springs, but that would be a long distance to drive and more expensive while you would only see one type of land. So we don’t regret this at all. The tour guide let me plug my iPod in and DJ all the songs, yay! Hope I didn’t bother the other people with my weird music. The weather wasn’t really like Australian weather: cloudy and windy, though still I got sunburned the first day, because you even burn when there are clouds in here, crazy… Now, it’s over 30 degrees, very sunny and hot. Time for a day doing nothing and swimming in the pool!!


Oh, by the way: 2 things worth to mention: People here call flip-flops ‘thongs’, no wonder I was confused at first. And it’s so weird to have all these Christmas commercials everywhere while it’s summer…


Tonight we are seeing Puss in Boots in a drive-in cinema. We will be here for only a few more days, and then we’ll go to Sydney. Time flies…


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Australia 2011

Adelaide, Sydney, Australia