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G'day mate!

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G’day mate!

Welcome to my first blog! Today is our 3rd day in Australia. I finally got over my jetlag. Well, I guess not entirely, because I still feel a little bit dizzy sometimes, but I feel much better. Today is a nice sunny day,  so I thought it would be nice to sit in the garden and write my first blog.

For me the trip started with a little bit of stress. While driving to the airport I was, of course, already very excited and a little bit tensed. But then when I arrived at the airport and checked in my baggage, it appeared that my visa for Australia wasn’t  in the system. I did sign up for one, so that was very confusing. Guess what, when I  had to fill in my passport number on the visa, I filled in a [o] instead of a [zero]. The rest were all letters, not numbers, so how could I know? Well, I’m happy that they checked on my visa in Amsterdam, so that I could make it right over here. Otherwise I would be standing in Australia without one and maybe they would send me back or anything.

We had a large group of friends and family waving us goodbye. The rest of the trip was quite relaxing. On the way to Singapore, Nicky and I decided not to sleep and watch movies and listen to music all the time. We thought that if we would sleep on the flight to Adelaide we would get used to their day and night pattern a lot easier. But that didn’t really work out, because we didn’t get that much sleep…  

When we arrived in Adelaide, we were treated as drugs dealers. My god, the Australian borders are so strict! When they checked our passports, they asked someone to take us apart and ask us hundreds of questions. They even wanted to know what we were going to do in New Zealand. I mean come on! What do we look like? Criminals?

Thalia picked us up from the airport. Right after that she took us to the beach to have breakfast and we took a little walk. Felt quite strange to suddenly be on the other side of the world, in summer. It was really nice though. After the beach walk we picked up Liana from school, she just finished her exams. Then we headed to modbury heights, the suburb of Adelaide they live in. It was really nice meeting the Wesselingh family! The girls Liana and Thalia are really cool to hang out with. We’ve been to the centre of Adelaide and we made cupcakes together, we’re having a great time. Cees and Debbie are taking really good care of us. I don’t know how to thank them for that. They live in a beautiful neighbourhood and the weather is about 25 degrees, it will be around 30 the upcoming days.

Debbie just helped us booking a trip to Kangaroo Island for three days!! We’ll go there on the 12th of December. We’re also planning to go on a boat tour to see Dolphins. That will be on the 16th of December. We don’t have anything else in our planning yet, but I think it will be things like relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, having a drink, see the city, cuddle some Koala’s, jump with some kangaroos and things like that. You know, just the regular stuff you do in life… ;-)


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Australia 2011

Adelaide, Sydney, Australia