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New Orleans

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As I said at the end of my last post I was spending a few days with my friends in New Orleans. Its a really cool city with a lot of cool culture. Its the birth place of Jazz so obvioulsy its got a huge music seen. We went out a few times one night we went to a club that had a live brass band playing! They were wicked they played some of their own stuff then played some covers like Gnarls Barkley - Crazy and some Fatman Scoop song which was interesting. Went out on the saturday night and saw a live regae banc play and they were equally as good! Had the BEST food ever on a night out in that bar, had tacos/burritos and enchiladas made there and then in the bar! They were awesome so me and my friend stood at the bar and ended up getting at least 2 lots each! On the Monday night we went and Saw John, Bjorn and Peter. They were really good live and the lead singer, Bjorn? came into the crowd right next to us! 


I understand from being there why a lot of Americans are fat! haha! Everything is deep-fried! I had deep fried Aligator which was interesting and their traditional sandwich (a Po-Boy) was deep fried crap meat in a baguette!! Pretty good though to be fair! I spent the Sunday seeing if their version of "Super Sunday" has anything on ours...and no it doesnt! haha! Nahh it was cool being in a bar wathcing about 5 American Football games at once with everyone screaming at random times and different games but I think I'll stick to proper football!

I left New Orleans on the 27th and got a flight via Memphis and then L.A to Fiji!! Fiji trip post coming up!!!


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