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Since San Francisco

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So here is the start of my "proper" blog! Since I last wrote on facebook I have been all over the place!! This is a catch up so sorry its long!!

So I had about 8 days in San Francisco which was wicked! I stayed in 2 different people's houses one a wicked house in the suburbs which had a hot tub! Then the second was with a girl who had an appartment in the city and it was class! She took us surfing one day and we had a great night out in the area to!

After San Francisco me and Zascha, the Danish girl, rented a car (the cheapest option available) and ended up getting a brand new Ford Escape which was a beast!! We picked up my mate Calum from the airport and began a trip down route 1 of the Californian coast. We took 4 days to drive down and had a wicked time! We got a free bodyboard off some guys on the beach in Santa Cruz, sneaked 3 into a motel room instead of 2 and the stupid guy phoned the police on us, we stayed on the same plot on a campsite as some Germans to save money, we saw Big Sur which is incredible, we stayed on a campsite right on the beach and got some food stolen by racoons, we drove through Santa Barbra and Malibu which are cool places, we had a day on Venice beach in L.A, and then I got cornered in by the police in the middle of L.A because there was a bomb scare and the whole main street was evacuated!! California is a really cool place but everyone is sooooo rich! The weather is amazing and all people seem to do is surf, chill on the beach, and eat out!! It was a great road trip and was a great warm-up for what was to come for me!

I left the guys in LA and drove back up the Californian coast alone, I drove through Beverly Hills and the houses there are even bigger than you can imagine! Think Fresh Prince of Bel Air and maybe bigger, literally palaces!! I drove up to go to meet the guy I stayed with in San Francisco. He had invited me to join him on a cross country road trip that he needed to do to go to his new job. His company were paying for his petrol and he had places to stay every night so it was an opportunity I couldnt miss!!

We left on the 14th of September from San Francisco to Portland which is in Oregon. I thought it would be a few hours up the road but it took like 10 hours! We drove 634miles that day and that isnt that far to them in America! America is massive even bigger than you can imagine, we were driving for a good few hours through a load of nothing! There's literally no houses, people or anything for hundreds of miles! When we got to Portland we stayed with Adam's friend Molly who was nuts! We went straight out and went to a bar with a live blue grass band. I kinda sat and watched when they danced because its not exactly like being in envy or pier, they dance like they've got bandy legs!

From Portland we went to Seattle, 3 hours or so up the road so not bad. Seattle is cool but a bit grey. We saw the Space needle and the market and that then Adam's mate paid for a hotel for us! It ended up being the wierdest place I've ever stayed! It was called the Oyster Bay Inn Lounge Bar and Restaurant. It was ladies night and karaoke night and the where a load of old pervy guys in there and like one girl in some pj bottoms and a jester hat dancing to like get low! haha!

Seattle - Missoula was the next drive. 557 miles that took around 8 hours. Teleri joined us and we stayed at a girl called Kacey's house. We went straight out again and had a class night with her mates. I got roped into doing some wierd country dancy spinning crazy stuff but it was a good laugh. We were suppose to drive the next day but had a bit too much of a good night the night before so we went to chill by a river.


Missoula to Antioch, Illinois - 32 hours!!! 1746 miles!! 18th and 19th we crazy! We drove down to Yellow Stone National park and checked it out jumping out of the car at random points to take photos and check out the cool geysers and bubbling mud baths. The park was amazing never seen water fountaining up out of the ground like that! Me and Adam spotted some Buffalo and went right up to them which was pretty scary they are huge! We then carried on driving through the night taking turns to sleep until we got to Adam's Uncle and Aunties house in Illinois north of Chicago. We left at like 8am on the 18th and got in around 4pm on the 19th! It was a crazy drive! His Aunties house was wicked though! Had a swimming pool and hot tub and huge ground where they had a shooting range and a pond! She made us some awesome food and we had a double bed each to sleep on!


The next day we went to Chicago and looked around the city, Its a really cool place on the water with loads of cool sculptures and stuff. After checking Chicago out we did another crazy 26hour drive to Boston. I drove from like 6pm till like 2am. Was really tired when we got to Boston but it was an amazing trip, so lucky to get the chance. Its made me realise how small the UK is and how easy it actually is to go places but we never do! If we did the same distance at home we would reach Russia at least! (Not that i would do a 32 hour drive again but yeah!)


I am now in New Orleans which is right in the south of the US. I'm staying with two mates from camp. They have a wicked apartment and New Orleans looks pretty cool. Going to check it out over the next few days and will keep you posted.

Sorry this one has been so long but this is a catch up from now I hope to keep on top of it and have lot shorter posts. I have broken it down big time to! haha!

Hope your all well at home, enjoying getting online now and again to see all your news!

Take care!!


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