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Grand Canyon initiation

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Grand Canyon 8pm 10-09-11

Saw it first time this morning (video included).  Pretty amazing, as all who have seen it before always say, better.  Went on an 'orientation' shuttle ride later, over to El Tovar (1905 era hotel) and Bright Angel trailhead, lots of historical buildings.  Quite a story about the Kolb and Harvey factions who promoted the tourism in that time.  Einstein stopped in the 30's even.  Anyway, exhausted after last night - our first in the RV - when the heater kept kicking on every 30 minutes or so (both of us woke up each time - it was still freezing).  Should be a much better night tonight since we're going to try it with the ceiling vents shut tonight....(yes, this morning found out that both exhaust vents were wide open all night long).  Also including a video of Boulder Dam, which was outstanding - no way to capture on film.

Another outstanding item - when we came back from our weekly shower (and laundry) this evening, there were 3 Mule Deer laying in our RV site.  Tame, fortunately.  Maybe more later.  Tomorrow (Monday) planning to going to the Havapaisu (spelling is wrong) Geology center to get some learning.  We also may try to go down part way on Bright Angel - ran into a couple who had just finished going from North to South (rim to rim) on the Bright Angel trail in just one day - about 26 miles.  Pretty impressive.  We'll see...


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Grand Canyon, USA