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Our Trip To Alice Springs begins

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G'day, I'm Milo , I'm from a small but bustling town called Nowra, NSW ,Australia

I travell alot with my 88 year old father, and we have been to the UK and Fiji together, ..

Currently we are travelling in our 23ft 2008 Jayco Conquest Motor home.

We left Nowra on Tuesday 6th September and have arived at Ouyen, for the night then traveling to Meningee tomorrow for a couple of days..

so far we have travelled over 900 kilometers and around 11hrs in total..

It cost about $120 Australian to fill up our motor home at around $1.47 cents per litre for diesel, you tend to find in Australia the price of fuel can go up and down , and be cheap one town and expensive the next, same with caravan parks, from $20 - 45 etc..Thats the part of travelling I guess.

our main thing is to get to  Adelaide for a few days, then up to a place called Kimba in South Australia, where my my mother (passed on) grew up.. then eventually to Alice Springs, Ularu , then broken hill and home


will write up more as we go..




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Milo's big adventure to Alice Springs

Nowra,Narandera ,Ouyen, Australia