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'Just to see you cry/toniggght'

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Day 3 of Lisbon and we decided that perhaps we should do something on our last full day. Bruno had suggested in his love note that we go to 'caisas' his hometown. Apparently they had the best beaches and 'cookies' - yes just ordinary cookies, he really was innocent!

We got up and did our morning ritual, this time just with chais. Although we did walk past a pastry shop after and decided to sample half a caramel custard tart each. They have them everywhere and sell them 6 for 5.10euro so the girl looked very confused when Sarah asked for one.

We walked down to the end metro from there to save us buying another ticket. Apparently you can only put one type of fare on each card and because we had purchased a one way ticket first we had to keep paying 1.20 for one way fares. Silly hey? We would have purchased another card but it cost like 3euro for the card so not sure if it would have worked out cheaper or not?? Anyway, long story short, we caught the train from Casa di Soire to the terminal and caught the train to Caisxias. It was only when we had lined up for half an hour and waited for half an hour for the train and paid 8 euro that Sarah looked out the window and noted 'it's not the best beach day'. I looked out the window also and noticed that it was awfully overcast! Looked like it may even rain! I had not been too concerned in the morning as Portugal seemed to get really cold at night and this contnued into the late morning but by lunchtime it was generally pretty warm.

Anyway we caught the train right to the last stop which was Caisxias. We got off and absolutely froze! Maybe the idea of wearing my paper thin see-through maxi dress with bikinis underneath was not the smartest. I cannot describe how cold I was, although when I looked at the temperature sign, it read 20 degrees so Melbourne was actually warmer - yes, that is how cold it was!

So needless to say the beach was slightly out of the question. We went to the local shopping centre, had a browse and then went up to the food court for half a tuna wrap each (which was amazing!). So I don't know if you have got the hint so far but I don't exactly 'love' Portugal. Largos is meant to be really nice and have awesome beaches so if I came back I think it would only be to there. Sarah was pretty happy to be there but it was fair enough as she has family herritage there and she felt quite at home. Personally I found it really old, kinda dirty and just a bit boring. This is probably mainly due to the fact that I had just finished up with Bus About and was still mourning the fact! Anyway I guess it was a good way to finish but just 'hanging about' made the last week so quite slow and I was sort of just thinking I had to go home soon as I was sitting around.

Back to the story - after a lovely tuna wrap we decided it was best to have a little look around while we were there. We really wanted to find a coffee shop so we went in search of one. We found a 2nd hand store on the way which looked ace but was closed over lunch (naturally) so we went to get our coffee first. We found a pretty cool little place near the water and grabbed a table. We got coffees which were very average and it took an extremely long time to get them and then the bill. After this we went and took photos near the bay, even though the grey, cloudy sky was not a highly desirable backdrop. We went and looked in some souvenir places after although I was fairly reluctant to purchase anything considering my lack of feelings on the place.

After all of this we went back to our shop 15 minutes after it was meant to open again...yeah it still wasn't open. We couldn't be bothered waiting any longer and it started to rain(!) so we decided to make a move back to the train. I had absolutely no idea on how to get back was the only issue. We had been down so many windey side streets that I had slightly lost the bearings. I went the way that I thought was right and it turned out to get us back on the right track so that was convenient. We got the train back and then the metro back to our stop.

We had planned on going to a restaurant near the hotel called 'Green Pepper' which advertised a 6.95 buffet which seemed pretty good value. We went there but it didn't open until 7:30 in like an hour so we didn't bother. Nothing else really appealed to me so we just went back to the apartment. Sarah got straight into bed so I decided to go out for a little explore, I had been far too boring lately. I caught the metro into the city square. I had no idea where to go so I just went back to Samadi, hoping it would be a little cooler at night. I forget people over here don't go out until 22:00 for dinner and at least 1am for clubbing though so not much was going on apart from a few westerners having their dinner. I used my wifi and chatted to people back home while sipping on a beer. I sat there for an hour or two until I got bored of sitting by myself with my laptop. I was a bit peckish on my way home and saw the same sandwhich bar where we had got our wrap from earlier that day so I got another one - unfortunately it wasn't the same and I was left awfully disappointed.

I learnt that night why I maybe should not be going out in foreign countries/cities on my own. A big black guy (dead ringer for the 'beauiful chocolate man' out of white chicks for anyone who has seen it - Lozz?!) came up and started talking to me, it began with a comment on my wrap. Then he started expressing his love for Australia and crapping on about how he was planning on going there but was going in and out of employement or something equally as uninteresting. Then the train came (miracle train) so he started yelling as I walked off how he could contact me if he came to Melbourne, I just shrugged and stated 'you will have to find me'. Then I walked to the opposite end of the train and sat down. I was horrified to see that he did the same and sat directly opposite me. Arrggghhh, what was I going to do, I was convinced he would get off at my stop and the hotel was quite a distance from the Metro. I sat there quietly just S%^&ing myself and thinking the worst. He just stared at me..

When we got to my stop (far too quickly), I just got up, thankfully he stayed on the train and wished me all the best for the future! I ran home and got straight into the sanctuary of my bed. Pretty sure I had nightmares about him that night, I could hear '1000 miles' in my head!


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