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My first quiet night(s) in, in awhile!

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On day two of Portugal we were in no hurry to do anything still; pretty sure the last two months were catching up all at once. The beds were actually comfortable and I definately had my first good sleep in two months. Sarah still had her cough so the poor thing was up all night. I was really sympathetic and put my earplugs in and dozed off! We were pretty keen for a bit of wi-fi action as we were definately missing this, so we decided to go in search of the nearest starbucks, we were both also definately craving a soy chai latte so it worked well. Sarah had looked up starbucks in the local phone book and we were very relieved to find that they did have them in Portugal. We walked down to our local supermarket first for a quick breakie but surprise, surprise it was closed just for a change. So we walked towards town. I didn't realise at the time how far we were walking but once we got the metro lines sorted I found out it was like 10 stops so it was fairly decent.

We didn't feel like we were getting anywhere but we somehow lucked it and found we were getting closer to civilisation. We walked into the Hard Rock Cafe and asked if there was a nearby starbucks, the lovely bouncer pointed us in the right direction of the city - not sure if he had any idea if it had a Starbucks though. There was a big pretty purple building that we walked past and I just happened to be looking inside it and saw a tiny Starbucks sign so I was pretty happy with that! We went in and got Chais and a muffin and sat there and used our 45 minutes of wifi. Then we had a little look around 'Rossio' which is pretty much the main square (upon Bruno's advice). We still managed to spend money on sandals and other random items in the one shop that happended to be open on a Sunday! I find the European way so funny; they don't work on the weekends or pretty much any of summer as they pack up and go at tourist time. When they do work they take a minimum 2 hour gap over lunchtime for a massive feed and nap. When you do line up to pay for something, they just take their time and chat to the person next to them - regardless of the length of the que. For this reason it is so funny that you cannot enter a store, restaurant or public transport terminal without hearing Bruno Marr's 'Lazy Song'. Sarah and I laugh every time it comes on as we believe it is the national anthem over here.

With not much luck of anything being open, we noticed some water down the end of the street. We walked down and saw that it was a massive port with a bridge over it. We took some photos in front of the water and had a bit of a walk around. We decided to head back to the town and on the way we noticed a free museum so we thought, why not? Turns out it was some kind of Fashion Museum so Sarah was pretty happy with that. It didn't take long to walk around as they had a few vintage dresses, tables, chairs and other random stuff. We kept walking and then saw a big building on the corner which was advertising being a wi-fi bar, restuarant and nightclub so we thought that sounded kinda cool. We entered a surf shop??? But when we walked up the stairs they had all these cool booths and a bar. The upstairs was called 'Samadi Be Cool' and would be the only place I would really hang out in Portugal! We ordered a turkey sandwhich to split and a 'Sex on the Beach' cocktail each. The sandwhich came out and looked pretty cool but the cocktails were the real feature. Sarah's had a little paper decoration and mine had streamers coming out of it, both with a cherry and strwaberry on the rim of the glass. The cocktail was possibly the best one I have ever had, and I know a thing or two about cocktails! We downed them slowly so we didn't feel guilty about sitting in their bar for ages and using wi-fi. I was running extremely low on money so I couldn't really afford another!

After a couple of hours there we decided to make a move and head back to our amazing hotel. I was pretty tired this night also, so from memory all we did was make another salad, have a bath and go to bed early.


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lisbon, Portugal