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To work on Tap Air Portugal you must be 165cm.. and ridiculously good looking..

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I was actually awake before the alarm sounded at 8am somehow?

We packed everything and decided to go for a Soy chai at Starbucks before we had to leave for the airport. Turns out they had wi-fi too so we got 45 minutes free and sat with our chais. We left by 9am as we really did not want to miss our flight. I have to say that I was a bit worried about this leg of the journey. I booked this amazingly good deal with lastminute and we got return flights with tapair portugal and 4 nights in a 5 star luxury hotel for like $250 AUD each. Sounded a bit too good to be true for my liking. I half expected to get to the airport and they would be turn us away. We looked up the route to the airport, and 3 line changes later it looked like we would be there. We found it so easy - there is nothing comlicated about the transport here. Even the metro goes right into the airport terminal, oh Melbourne you have a lot to learn.

We weren't sure which line to go in as we were flying 'Tap Air' operated by 'Spanair'. The Spanair line was hell long so we went with VIP tapair. We were waiting for ages for a couple of people and I was sure that after all of this we would be sent to the end of the Spanair line. But when we got to the front the lady took our passports and said it was all fine. My bag still only weighed 14kg and I hadn't sent anything home unlike some (Sarah!). I am proud with myself for being so self sufficient and living out of a suitcase for 2 months with ease, Sarah and I have joked that we may actually keep doing it when we get home as we are so used to it. It used to take me like 40 minutes to pack my backpack, by the end I reckon I have it downpat to approx. 10!

So we checked in and went in search of shops. The information centre directed us to duty free and Sarah wandered around sampling perfumes for a couple of hours (slight exageration, okay). I got an awesome chicken and salad sandwhich with the little I had remaining on my travel card and Sarah got a procsuitto and cheese baguette. I was planning on using the wi-fi but once again it was like 6 euro for an hour. Boo. I did find a computer where I got 10 minutes for 1 euro so that all sounded okay to me.

Before we knew it, it was time to board. We found Gate D54 fine and went to line up. It was only a baby plane so there wasn't too many other passengers that we had to fight to get on it. When we got on this guy that was full suited up asked us if we required assistance, I wasn't looking/talking to anyone as I looked and felt like death so I just sort of ignored him and sat in my seat. After a couple of minutes I wondered how long the flight may be. I asked Sarah to ask the suit guy how long it would be. He said 55 minutes and started talking to her for a bit. When I looked up, Sarah was mid-conversation with the most beautiful brown eyed boy - this was when Sarah met Bruno. Bruno was so sweet as well as a complete spunk and I am pretty sure I saw love hearts in Sarah's eyes. He asked if we had anything planned in Lisbon. We said we weren't sure and he said he would write us up a list of things to do! He went to do the safety speel and then we were ready to take off, only we didn't. There was quite a delay and then the lady flight attendant was on the PA asking if there was a doctor on board..umm.. I recruit them in Aus if that helps lol. Sarah moved to the end seat to have a sticky beak, there was someone lying unconcious in the aisle. Let me take this moment to say that Sarah and I had the whole 3 seats between us which, I kid you not, had a cubic metre of room each. It was ace! Bigger than your average emergency exit seats. Anyway after a little while longer no doc went forward but the lady came on the PA saying that we could now depart as the passenger had retained conciousness!

I cannot believe how good the flight was. Not only was it only 55 minutes but you actually got a meal and drink! After about 20 minutes the other (spunk) of a flight attendant came around with mediterranian rolls and pineapple chunks. He asked what we would like to drink 'What do you have?', Sarah could not comprehend that I was ordering a white wine after how crappy we both felt. Ah, best way to keep those feelings at bay!

We hadn't even finished our meals and the message came on that we were descending so could we please put our seats in the upright position etc etc. How good! At this point Bruno returned, apologised that he hadn't had time to write a long note due to the sick passenger, and handed us a double sided note with everything to do in Lisbon! How lovely! He even gave Sarah his e-mail just in case he had a day off while we were there, nawwww. Then his friend came up and wished us the best for our time in Lisbon, I had to laugh when he didn't have the same well wishes for anyone else on the plane.

We got off the plane at Lisbon and planned on jumping in the nearest cab as we were 'stuffed' to put it nicely. But then I saw an 'Aero Bus' advertised and noticed that it went to Hotel Conrinthia if you got the number 3. We got our packs quickly as they were both some of the first items to come out. We rushed to the bus bay and saw one waiting. Fingers crossed it was the 3 and we were delighted to find out it was as t only came every 30 minutes. We jumped on and asked the driver to notify us when at the Corinthia. Everyone here speaks very fluent English which is great! There were probably only about 6 other people on the bus and they all got off at one of the first stops so we pretty much got chauffered there, so glad we didn't pay for a cab!

When we got off at our stop, the driver gave us directions to our hotel which was at the bottom of the street and to the right. Well.. you couldn’t exactly miss it! It is this massive like 50 story hotel with massive ‘Cornithia Lisbon’ writing down the side; Sarah actually spotted it on the bus at the previous stop! We were literally speachless as soon as we stepped inside the gates. There is a massive terrace out the front with a stage and they even have those cool oxygen machines. There are wicker lounges spread out around the decking. Then as you walk inside the massive glass doors, to one side you have a bar with more seating and a fancy restaurant on the other side. The whole thing is marble and high ass (technical term) ceilings. We made it to the reception in the midst of all of our ‘ooohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ and got the check-in process underway. Then we received the key to room 1525 and we were off. We couldn;t wait to see the room after seeing the rest of the hotel. Our room did not let us down. We have a mini bar, TV, Desk, view, twin comfortable beds, marble ensuite with bath/shower/2 toilets and double basins and loads more. Kinda different to what we have been experiencing lately! This hotel actually makes any of the crown hotels look extremely lame. We dropped off our stuff and after feeling how comfy the beds were, decided against sitting down just yet as we knew we would never get back up. We walked down to the shops across the road ‘The twin Towers’ and had a look at a couple of the boutiques. They were highly out of our price range as we happened to be staying in the ‘Business District’. Downstairs I saw that there was a supermarket and we made our way there. It was closed that day, we thought this may have been because it was a Saturday but then it was closed the Sunday and Monday also..confused?

We were looking for a place that had wi-fi as it was super expensive in the hotel but we didn’t have much luck. Apparently they do not really believe in wi-fi in Portugal. We then walked to some markets that we had seen on the way – turned out to be possibly the worst markets I have ever been to. Although we did get a cool hair masque which we were searching for and also directions to the nearest supermarket. The supermarket was in a massive building with a department store very similar to Myer. We were seeking something healthy so we got all of the ingredients for our special salad, some cheese stuffed peppers, a couple of beers (that part – not so healthy) and then there was sushi outside so we got 2 mini ones each. We went back to the hotel, ate salad and had spa baths and put in our hair masque. I didn’t even have a drink this night! Everything actually caught up with me and I went to bed at 9pm; this would be the story of Portugal for me!



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