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Final few weeks in L.A! East to West America and Canada....DONE!!

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So it begins, the last few weeks in L.A and America....

It begins with us dropping back our hire car and lovely Emily who we are staying with showed a whole new side to herself. So she's giving us a lift back and the man behind her beeps her because she didn't make the light but it was red anyhow. She starts to get pretty annoyed and ends up putting her finger up at him, then pulls round the corner and they start yelling at each other with their windows down. She's screaming "WHAT, WHAT....THE LIGHT WAS RED, I'M GONNA F**KING KILL YOU MAN" it was sooooo funny, me and Sam are killing ourselves laughing. Poor Emily has a part in her next movie where she has to look as slim as possible and is totally food deprived....this is a warning to all who decide to attempt losing weight by eating very little.....dangerous game people, hehe!

I don't know whether the fact that we slowed down a little and getting more rest but i'm getting pretty crazy during the night. The other night I woke Sam up telling her that there was a "wiggly wiggly worm on her head" then began hitting the pillow. I apparently got out of bed and said "Can I help you" then asked where the balloon came from. The other night I even got up and started to put moisturiser on my hands! Poor Sam has to keep pulling me back into bed :-)

Todays the day...the Ellen show has arrived and we are very excited! Costumes made and it is time to get our Crayola paint on. We arrive at the place and see lots of people in costumes one of which was another crayon but she wasn't painted and she was not a primary colour!!

We do lots of waiting and then a woman come around and asks us to come outside so she can talk to us. We answer some questions then they ask me to go in their little hut to be asked more questions. So i'm in there not knowing what to expect with about 8 other people dressed up. The production team talk to us about giving lots of energy and all that American jazz and i have to do role play, pretending that i'd been called down to do a game. So i jump around like a crazy person and then give a big hug to one of the production team. I finally get reunited with my crayons at our seats in the studio, very cool! Then inform me of someone dressed as black swan who was very upset she didn't get to go to the hut, she believed she looked alot better than the people who were picked, the whole thing was like being back at school, people being fake, upset when they weren't picked, need for reassurance....crazy thing to be thrown into.

The show starts and Ellen just seemed unhappy and showed no interest in the audience. During the ad breaks she would just sit there and didn't seem happy while we all had to get up and were made to dance like preforming monkeys. It comes to the time when she chooses someone to play the game, she picked the two girls who were bloody boobs and for the game they had to play they needed to be deflated anyhow, god sake!!! The show came to an end and Ellen just left. The production team gave out the prizes for best outfits and they were pretty poor prizes for the trouble people had gone too. So in conclusion...great for the fact that we've been on the Ellen show but the actually show, we made lots of effort, were there for 6hours and got nothing in return. Oh the disappointment...they say never meet your idols!!!

So after the disappointment of the Ellen show we were not in the mood for Halloween so just decided to go out and get rather Jolly. So we headed out to Matts friends for pre games and drinks. The bar we went to had lots of Halloween games and lots of people dressed up. Me, Sam and Matt spent the night given innocent abuse to most people on outfits; Matt entered the costume contest, didn't have a costume and was surprised when he didn't win. Was a fun night, filled with lots of English type crazy games!

The local shops closest to Matts is a CVS and a jack in a box, seems to be a hotspot for homeless people, they even hang around the drive through catching people when they have their windows down. Me, Sam and Matt are in the car waiting for Emily when a man come knocking on the window asking for money, Matt tells us to ignore him and make no eye contact. He stays for about 3minutes and just keep knocking and asking for money, i'm finding the ignoring game pretty hard so wave my arm so he will get the hint. Seriously what goes on with these people, crazy!

Last night before Emily heads off to Canada for her next movie so we head to the cinema to give them some alone time. We pay to see the Ides of March and by the bloody expensive is the cinema these days. So the movie is Ok and we come out of the showing and right next door Puss in Boots 3D had just started, oh yes people we did it...we snuck in, got the glasses out of the disposal bin and watched the movie (with sweaty palms) We defiantly got our money’s worth and i've always wanted to do that, woohoo!

Sam finds out there is an L.A Galaxy game on Thursday night and a chance of seeing Beckham, we check what bus to get and it would have been lots of buses and lots of time so we rent a car for a few days for a good price. On the Wednesday we use it to head to Venice beach to hopefully catch a sunset. Venice is such a great place, filled with lots of little stalls, the biggest amount of homeless people i've ever seen, a skateboard ring, an outside gym with lots of big guys with even bigger egos...the place is just an interesting and fun. It's a few hours till sunset so we head down to the beach and we finally get our sunset, it was so breathtaking, beautiful and once again we got to see some more dolphins...Guinness was right, good things do come to those who wait!

L.A Galaxy day but before we head to game we meet up with our Dallas friends at Manhattan beach. We spent some time on the beach then head for lunch at Chillis where the waitress forgets to add the two meals so we leave the money and make a quick exit. We leave the girls at the bus stop and head to the game. We find a place with a free shuttle and free parking, love it!! We obviously got the cheapest tickets and were sat in the general admissions section which should be called crazy mexican section. LA Galaxy were playing New York red bulls; Galaxy have Beckham, Robbie Keane and Donovan and New York have Thierry Henry, very exciting line up! We were behind the goal and New York were warming up in our goal. This Mexican guy was just hurling constant nasty abuse at them and a Henry...i duno what came over me, i just got really mad...shouted "SIT DOWN" then "Come on Henry, kick his ass" and Sam said that he put his thumbs up at me and good is that!! Even though it was the crazy section it was a great place to be, super atmosphere and a good game to watch.

We spend our last weekend with Matt having a bit of a chill, we had some good food, watched some movies, played some sport and just spent some time together. Had a super time with Matt and Emily, can’t thank them enough!

So that's it and it went in a flash...our time in the USA and Canada is over. What an amazing experience, we've had a great time and who would believe it but were closer than ever. Now we are ready to take on the next adventure...14 hours on a plane then New Zealand here we come!!


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