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Road Trip....Santa Barbara, Laguna and San Diego

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So this is the week that we have rented a car, i am very excited! We go to Foxes, of course because it was the cheapest and of course you always pay a price for a good deal (well Sam did,hehe) When she went to pay the woman behind the desk was rather an aggressive seller, Sam came out very angry and fumed for a good 30minutes,hehe! The woman tried to sell her the extra insurance. Sam said no and she was like "i have never not had a customer that bought the insurance" Sam replied with "well today is the day" Poor Sam, mwhahaha!
Matt told us that we should go to Santa Barbara so we headed that way and packed some things to spend some time on the beach. On that morning i had woken up feeling rather tired and there was this thing on my face that was looking like a coldsore (on my cheek,what?) so i went into sad seal mode. When we arrived it was cloudy and rather cold so that was a day at the beach out of the window but we had a walk on along the pier and took a drive along the scenic route (take advantage of the car of course) Then we headed for a last walk along a little beach. While we were walking along we see something pop out of the water, so we keep watching and it was dolphins, so we sat and watched the group of dolphins popping out of the water and the sun had came out and was beginning  to go down, pretty special! We were going to stay for the sunset but it was abit too cloudy.
For the rest of the week we were going to San Diego for a few days (give Matt and Emily a break) on the way we decided to stop off at Laguna beach, sleep in our lovely big boot and wake up super early to see the sunrise. In theory sounds like a good plan...we find a spot to park and sleep, for some reason we picked somewhere with a hill so i felt like we were falling all night,hehe! We watched some dvds in the boot and then got a few hours sleep before getting up and realising that it was still very dark and a little cloudy. OK OK school boy error we did not check the weather for morning, oh dear. We stuck around to wait and see if it would clear up...i think you know the answer....NO!!! But to save the effort of the whole thing while we were on the beach we again saw some dolphins popping up out of the water. So the idea was not a total bust but was fun anyhow and saved us the price of the hotel!
We head to San Diego (El Cajon) to our hotel but are a little early so head to walmart to grab a few things and to waste some time. While were in there the man comes over the tanoy and tells everyone that they are about to do an earthquake drill and that when he says we have to lie on the floor and get under something stable. So he says "earthquake drill" we look around and everyone just continues to shop,hehe! 
We get to our hotel and standing outside their room is one of the girls we met in Dallas, we knew they were at San Diego but it was a suprise they were at our hotel. So we caught up and they infomed us that there was kareoke at the local bar so that was our plans for the evening. The hotel wasn't exactly what the girls expected, our room had a great view, a nice big brick wall and the swimming pool was in the car park...better than a boot,hehe! We chilled through the day and then headed to the bar after a few pre drinks in the room after a mega deal on wine $4.99 for 1 bottle then the 2nd for a cent, how good is that!! We get there and i think we didn't exactly look like locals which is a bonus here as we all got drinks bought for us. For some reason he didn't seem to play the songs we put forward for a rather long time. By the time we did get on, we were all rather merry but we hit them with walking in Memphis and journey. Then Sam decided to do...........................................wait for it!!       PJ and Duncan (Lets get ready to rumble) 
The next day i had a nice suprise, Ann and Paul had sent me some money for my birthday so we could go to San Diego Zoo. We had a great time, it is by far the best zoo i have ever been to, it was massive. There were so many great animals, i could of stayed all day. There was even the famous mama black monkey that had took the ginger baby monkey under her wing after its own mother had disowned it...this mama monkey must be the mother Teresa of the monkey world taking on a ginger baby,hehe! 
Our final day we decided watch the sunset at La Jolla cove and yes i checked, the forecast was sunny but  first we decided to head to old town San Diego. It was an old Mexican village, it was a great place to walk around, lots to look at and felt like we'd been takin back to the cowboy era. We stopped off at the police museum which was good fun, mug shots and all that kind of jazz. We stopped to watch a spot of salsa dancing by some young kids and shared a taco to experience the taste of real San Diego.
 We still had some time so we decided to head to the island of Colonda which had a massive bridge and felt like we were on the stairway to heaven it was so high. So we get there and it is starting to get a little cold, cloudy and windy. We decide to go down to the beach, on route to the front of the beach we walk past what i think was a hick wedding, the bride comes out of the toilet, there is a guy in the wedding party wearing surf shorts and the groom has a mohican. We reach the front of the beach and it is very windy and cold, we last about 20minutes but i had mostiriser on so the sand had completely stuck to my face, ALL FOR 20MINUTES,RAHHHH,hehe! Coronda seemed like the Laguna beach of San Diego, big houses, pretty people and a very beautiful place.
After that very pleasurable experience we headed to La Jolla Cove to watch the sunset, when we arrived it was (yes you've probably guessed it) cloudy and cold, rahhh!! But we get out anyhow and it really stinks of fish. We go to the rock where there are lots of birds around the sides and sea lions at the bottom. There was a couple of very relaxed Sea lions at the bottom of the rock so i headed off to get a closer look and for some reason wanted to go and give it a pet (i know what your thinking,why?? I am not quite sure what came over me,hehe!) I was getting closer when a man from the top of the rock shouted "get away from the seal!!!" so i came back to my senses and got to a safer distance...what an idiot! Later we read that Sea lions are very temperamental and dangerous,hehe! Our final night we decided to treat ourselves, so headed to the local buffet....oh my god it was beautiful, i think i'm still full,hehe!
We check out, head to the girls hostel to drop them off and on the way stop off at the bar, the Kanas City Barbeque from the famous film "Top Gun" We had a drink and a look around, was pretty cool and there was lots of good memrobila. We said bye to the girls and headed back to L.A and on the way we decided to stop off at Venice beach to watch the sunset and yes you bloody guessed was cloudy!!
So were back in LA and ready to enjoy our last few weeks....


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