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LA continued....

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Our time in L.A at Matt and Emilys continues....
We are going to be staying with Matt and Emily for a month so i think they deserve a little intro so you know who they are.
Matt- Sam brothers best friend. Matt is an agent for a firm and he is a great guy, very kind, very honest and when he's too drunk he is really good at offending people (one of which was my mother, he said by the time he realised who she was it was too late) he's a funny and has a sweet side to him (he was singing along to Judy me in st louis,awww) he is like the honey badger...he doesn't give a s**t!
Emily- Matts wife and is an actress. She is so unique, she is one of a kind...trurly special. She is very funny and sarcastic (wierd because she's from Canada). She's very sweet and will try her best to help you out. She said the other day..."name a type of pie and i bet i like it, i like all pies" i said chicken and she said "i don't like that one" She once had a fight with Matt, packed her bag and only lasted in the car for 18minutes.
So just wanted you too know who they were, they are amazing people and were so grateful they are putting us up. 
we wake up nice and early so Emily can drop us at Santa Monica pier after she drops Matt at work. She points us in the direction of a nice crepe cafe as it is only 8 in the morning and i don't think it is quiet time for sunbathing. We have the most beautiful crepe with nutella...OK PEOPLE, i'm starting to have an issue...when we started we covered the whole of New York on foot over 3days and i ate one meal a day, NOW i am beginning to live the American way, i'm eating total rubbish, the portions are huge (but i finish every bite), i don't want to walk anywhere and if i walk more than 10mins i don't like it! I know what i need to do to stop it all but i can't...I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!hehe!  Anyhow back to the day...we have our crepes and make a quick getaway as we gave a bit of a rubbish tip and we head to the beach. We do the usual beach stuff, Sam attemps to go in the water after 10minutes of shuffling her feet and removing her wedgy, she manages 5minutes!! Question?? why is it Germans never mind just getting naked no matter what their size?  So we head back to Matts and get the bus that takes two hours...bloody relentless!! 
Not sure if you guys are aware but we got tickets to go on the Ellen show (if you don't know who she is, she is a legend and was the voice of Dory in finding Nemo) it is the Halloween special so we have to go in fancy dress and the best outfits win a prize. So me, Sam and Emily are going as Crayons with a box. So one of our missions of this week is to get all the stuff we need to look like crayons. 
Saturday arrives, Matt and Emily offer to take us to their gym. it one of those gyms that you could live in...big gym, swimming pool, basketball court,sun loungers on the roof over looking the city, sauna, steam room, a bar and lots more. Me and Sam played some basketball with Matt and his friend (Freddie) me and Freddie got paired up and totally destroyed Sam and Matt (not that i'm compeitive or anything) it was fun but oh my god we were cream crackered. After exercising for the first time in at least two months we deserved some food. We went to this cute little Italian street with lots of little restaurants and had a nice lunch.
After lunch we went to Sante Alley which is a mexican market with lots of little shops, shop people shouing random things at you, little space for movement so lots of close contact with sweaty people and the constant sound of the super mario game tune (random). It continued to be very quirkey and interesting, on every corner they had little cages selling baby bunnies and turtles and the corners that weren't crazy pet shops there were people preaching about god, one of which was a boy around 8...i was so tempted to go give him a shake and kick the man beside him which i would guess was his dad, rahhh! It was a really fun, crazy place and as a bonus we got the material for our crayola outfits, whoop!
On the Saturday night we were decided to go out for a few drinks and help Emily with her research (in her next movie she is playing a stripper). Of course we were on hand to help her out,hehe! So we headed to Cheetas a local strip bar so Emily could get a lap dance, while she was off "researching" we sat at a table and one of the girls came over looking for business, i told her why we were there and not to bother wasting her time,hehe! So my first experience, well the girls weren't exactly what i thought...most of them weren't as attractive as i thought they were going to be and one of them was wearing a knee brace, was more funny than sexy,hehe! So after Emily has completed her work we move on to a local bar. I got asked to dance by a man (whatt??) me and Matt played pool against some guy, gave him so light abuse and he ended up telling on us to the bouncer,hehe! We finished off at the taco trunk, i was a little excited and spent the whole time jumping up and down at the window while Sam was telling me to stop it as i was shaking the truck, luckily the woman was glad for wake up call! 
Great week and next week we are renting the car and heading to San Diego via Laguna beach for a view of the sunrise, yay road trip....


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