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First week LA style...

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Last Greyhound journey and no hick ups, phew! We're waiting for Matt...20minutes go by and still no Matt but a lady shouting at a Greyhound attentant "i bought my ticket, i don't need to show you nothing....i paid for my ticket!!" So always things to keep you entertained when your at the Greyhound. Sam rings and he's at a different place and he's like don't move...won't be long. Apperently where we were is a rough part of town, it is called Skid Row...the place where all the mental institutes were and got closed down, so they just kicked all the crazy people on the street, so they all just live there on the streets now. Anyhoo we make it to Matt and Emilys house....our home for the next month. (They were excited by this news,hehe!)
The next few days me and Sam just took the time to do pretty much nothing, was great too just relax after two months of just moving from place to place. Highlight of the day was pretty much when Sam shaved my hair and the first bit she did was too short and i now have a little bald spot near my ear,hehe!
On the Friday Matt welcomed us with a few drinks...we started by having drinks in the house with his friend Will (WILLHELM) and wheels (STABERLISERS) The night involved card drinking games, cap cup and a trip to pub called Ye Old something...very English,hehe! It continued with the worm, wheels kissing the honey monster, Matt and Sarah dancing in a very unique way and free shots after saying too the bar maid i nearly choaked on a chicken wing and needed a shot to wash it down and yes it worked people! Great night!
The next day feeling a little fragile Matt takes us down to Venice beach which is crazy in a great way...full of stalls, street preformers and the place where people come when they have no money! On route back to Matts he took us for a drive round the good bits of LA...we drove along the beach front of Santa Monica, Beverley Hills and checked out some of the celeb houses with strategically placed bushes so you only basically see the bushes and walls! Then we headed up the Hollywood drive and Bel Air. LA is sunny, covered in palm trees,  filled with posh cars, big houses, pretty people...we fit in here i think,hehe! On the evening we were picking Emily up from the airport...we make her some signs and headed to LAX. She was glad to see us but Matt had left her Coke Zero in the car, there was hell on,hehe! We all went to bed as we needed to rest for our big day...were going to universal studios, Matt got us free passes and line hopping tickets,yay!
So we got up and headed to Universal which is 10minutes from their house, how good is that. We got there and went on the studio tour which took us past lots of film sets. We got to go on the Wisteria Lane set (desperate housewives), the Bates motel...the man (Norman Bates) chased us with a knife, the jaws set and a cool 3D King Kong thing...loved the tour. We spent the rest of the day going around the different rides, seeing all the different characters and set up of the park and in a blink the weekend was over. 
It was time for me and Sam to brave LA alone, we got the bus which stopped after an hour and the driver said "this is the last stop"uhoh! We make our way to the next bus stop, while were waiting a man tells me that he had saved a cricket from the path and put it on a coke can (he was showing me) and told me the most interesting thing was that the cricket was actually having a baby. PEOPLE....Do i have a sign on my head saying please talk to me i will listen to anything! After an hour and a half we make it to Santa Monica pier. When we arrive it is misty, cloudy and cold,oh joy! So we had a look around the pier and 3rd street promenade but will head back to the beach another day when the weather is better! Very cool to be at the place where lots of movies and tv shows were filmed...most famous for Titantic, the Sting, Forrest Gump and lots more. 
Today we headed to Hollywood to see where the stars put their marks in the pavement....from Marlilyn Monroe to Meryl Streep and all the stars you could imagine. We walk along the avenue of the stars seeing all the famous names from Mickey mouse to Sigourney Weaver. It was great to be there and see it all! A man stopped us to sell us a tour of Hollywood on an open top bus, we haggeled and got a good price! We had to wait an hour and a half so went for a seat on a non eventful part of town or so we thought. We were there about 20mins when along comes a bunch of police cars, then we hear a police helicopter, then they stop this guy walking past and they stop him and put him in handcuffs and sat him on the grass...we are in the middle of it all! Then arrives more police officers and cars, they corner off the street and they're looking in peoples boots/trunks...great thing to eat up the time we had to wait. We go on our little open top bus and the tour guide takes us around Beverley Hills and Hollywood, pointing out all the interesting places and where the celebraties live. Sam loved it, i myself am not that fussed by people houses but hey ho i'm in LA. 


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