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If your going to SAN Francisco, Be sure to wear a Flower in your hair!

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BE sure to wear a flower in your hair! If we did wear a flower in our hair it would have got soaked..Yep the weather was abit pants but we got there just after midnight and headed to our hostel. The girls who we had met in Dallas were in the same hostel and we were meeting them there - luckily we were put in the same room as them and they had stayed up for us...They wanted to suprise us but the guy on reception told us, they were very disappointed,hehe! We ended up chatting unti the early hours and decided that we would go t Alcatraz the next day! 
We walked through Chinatown and a fact from Laura "did you know that this area is the most asian populated outside of Asia?" shes right, Chinese people EVERYWHERE. We walk through Chinatown and see a Banksy graffiti painting on the side of a wall which was really cool. We walk through chinatown, go to fishermans wharf and eat some seafood - Sarah tries some crab / shrimp and i have clam chowder. Its really raining so we decide to walk through to the Alcatraz tour, im really excited as i have always wanted to learn alot more things about the place. 
The weather was very apt for the day and we head out on the boat toward the island, we get there and head for the main tour. We have audio sets and enter through the showers which is where new prisoners would come in aswell. The main prisoners cell isnt that big, it was initially a civil war prison and held prisoners of war. The audio tour was very interesting, it explained the alcatraz siege and the number of escape attempts that took place. The prisoners were only allowed one visit a month and nothing was private, they got their own cells but they were very open. After all the rain and cold i ended up getting a cold, Sarah had said that if it is cold you don't actually get a cold....wrong as always muir!!
We then went back to the hotel for food, we got fed pesto pasta and salad which was a god send (great break away from burgers or tacos) The next day (feeling pretty rubbish...Sarah was very sympathetic as i'm sure you can all imagine!) we head out looking for a really crookedy street (lombard street) and have to walk up some MASSIVE hills, we look to get on a tram but cant find one and keep trekking. We eventually find it and its really pretty and weird, think the locals were quite annoyed at us all jumping off the walls and walking down the street haha! Then we head for the golden gate bridge, its magnificant - really cool. Get a few pics and head back to the hostel, we get the bus that brought us to the bridge and after about 10mins start to wonder where we are, were both pretty tired and just decide to sit and hope for the bus, always an error. I go and ask the driver he says "awww you long way" so we end up actually driving past the bridge again and eventually get the right bus!  
Back at the hostel there is an arranged pub crawl so we all get ourselves ready and head to the common area to see if there is anyone else going or just us four girls! we go to a thai restaurant and everything is $5 and its really yummy! We also find out that it isnt a pub crawl (not a very good one anyhow) and are given maps to where we could find the nearest bars, we had to get the bus there aswell, also the club they suggested wouldn't allow people in with flip flops on, what the hell!!! It was raining so we decided along with a couple more English girls and 2 Australians to get a few beverages and head back to the hostel. We met some great people here and its cool listening to other peoples different accents and stories...Sarah made it to bed for 5am then expected sympathy the next day!!
Last Greyhound journey of the USA stop Los Angeles! 


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