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We arrived at Vegas pretty pooped after our early wake up for the Canyon and were looking for a quick ride to the hotel... so we get off the bus and start looking for the WAX bus that takes us to the hotel in 5 stops, sounds great!! We find the street were suppose to be on but can't find a bus stop, we ask a taxi man he points us to a different street, we then stop and ask some policemen, i don't think they even knew buses ran in Vegas. So get to Las Vegas Boulevard and see a bus and it goes to where we want to be, yay! It's 5 bloody dollars each but were just happy to get the bus. The bus is packed so we have to stand at the front with our bags...the bus takes over an hour to do 3miles, oh my god i am seriously ready to kill someone. Then this guy from Kenya gets on and is a little drunk, decides he wants to chat, i just ignore him and Sam listens but it's clear she doesn't have time for him. He starts talking all kinds of wife is too drunk too go out, my girlfirend is in Australia, i was in the army but i'm not a violent man, go to Kenya, i can get you lots of free stuff i am very important in my this point i turn round and say " is like me saying come to England i know the Queen, it's just rubbish" i really wanted to say "p**s off" So we finally arrive and we need to get another bus, luckily this is only one stop but what a journey... always when you just want an easy ride but on the plus side it was night time so we got to drive down the main strip and see all the lights, amazing! Our hotel makes it all is the Wild Wild West, it's got a little casino which looks like one from the Griswolds Vegas vacation, nice clean room and a lovely little pool, and a 5minute walk from the main strip all for £5 a night, bargain!  By the way the whole time in Vegas I have not once seen the bloody WAX bus!!
After a good nights sleep we did a spot of sunbathing by the pool then headed out to see all the different casinos and get our photos at the world famous Vegas sign. OK for anyone who hasn't been to Vegas, everything looks so close but it takes forever to walk from one casino to another...all of the main casinos are absoultly massive, each with its own unique design and they are! After seeing a few casinos it starts to go dark and the whole place is lit up like a christmas tree, as we walk down the street we get stopped by a lady (she sounds like joeys agent, Stella from friends) she was very funny with the whole you just turn around and your like where did the years go and she takes us into her shop and says we can get free tickets for shows then passes us onto a man called Shay. We straight away ask, what is the catch?? he says your time. No money at all we say....nope! You just have to sit through a 90minute times share presentation in the afternoon and we'll give you free tickets to two shows and $200 of slot machine vouchers...we think what's too lose and agree to it! As were leaving stella is on the phone talking about having hot flashes,hehe! So we carry on looking around the casinos, one of which is New York, New York....inside had lots of little buildings to make it looklike the real thing, very cool. There was also the piano bar with two piano men having a play off against each other...brill! The Belliago fountain show was super, lasted about 10minutes but was really beautiful! 
So we get up and head to our time share presentation...we get there and there's loads of couples in a room, getting called up in their couples so we now realise that it is a one to one presentation you can't just hide in the crowd, uh oh!! Along come DAVID...OK so i think we get there best seller, this guy is very intense! We sit with him for a good hour, telling him a few white lies to make it easier and make sure we get our tickets, then we go in a room and watch a 15minute little movie before which a big guy tries to sell to us some more. Then we head back to have some more time with David, so were coming to the end and were nearly there saying maybe in the future but we can't commit now, Sam even plays the i have to speak to my mum and dad card. He comes back with "your mom and dad arent here now are they" So he leaves us for a minute to talk then he brings in STEVE...he is pulling out the big guns. Steve tries but we stand firm and get through what you would call the hard sell...we think were out of the woods when were passed on to a customer service guy who offers us another company, i don't even know what he was selling really but after that we are in the clear. We get all we were know the thing aswell i really still have no idea what the whole thing was about, i listen but it just doesn't go in i don't think! 
So we have a show on the evening to see a variety preformance show with lots of different acts. Before that we go to see some more casinos and we've made a sign saying "Di and Mark Fennell got married here" as we saw the chapel where they were married on the way in on our epic bus journey after we got off the Greyhound. After getting on the wrong bus and having a bit of difficulty finding it...we get there but suddenly realise something very important, so they got married at THE little white chapel and we had found A little white chapel....oh my god!!! So we like to say it is the thought that counts and get our photo's taken there anyhow...It was a long journey, we were VERY tired,hehe!
It's time for the Variety Performance show, it was very good and the host Wolly was really fun and did bits inbetween each act, he spat ping pong balls out of his mouth like he was juggling with his hands, very cool and a very big choaking hazzards i think but all in all some interesting and funny acts. After it finished we headed to Downtown to Freemont Street where there is what is called the light show. There is lots of bars, shops and casinos all covered by an arched digital roof which started playing kiss songs with loads of cool graphics and animation...was brilliant. It was also biker week so there was about three different rock bands playing all down this strip, was a brilliant atmosphere, definatly worth going to see. In Vegas there's this thing with time, your out and before you know it...its 1am, one of those places that eats time.
The Final day we start with a spot of sunbathing, head to our local casino to play the slots and get $1 maragrita! We then head to the strip to see the remaining casinos we haven't been to. Ceasars palce and the Venetian were such beautiful places, really liked them! We had a go on the roulette table...we were down to our last $5 dollars so we put it all on black, the little ball bouced around and landed on RED...i think that haunted Sam for a good few hours. The great thing about these places if your on a machine, even the 1cents machine, the waitress will come over and get you a free drink, you just have to tip her a dollar so she would come back!
So before our show we go to treasure Island to see the show they put on everynight, was pretty ranchy and you'd think it would be more aimed for kids with it being about pirates but this is Vegas people, don't bring your kids here...there was good effects with fireworks and fire...was a fun show! After it finishes we head to the show which is hypnosis comedy act...Sam decides to get up at the first bit with about 20 people so he can choose who are the people who are easiest to hypnotise, luckily for Sam she was not, so she came back but was very glad by the end. The show was so funny but i still can't get my head around the whole thing, it is just too much for me to take in but it is real and amazing! I won't go through them all but as the very last one he made the guys think they were auditioning for a porn shoot and gave them all blow up dolls, i seriously nearly wet myself, hilarious. All the way through the show there was one guy who everytime he heard this certain Irish dancing music would come to the front of the stage and start doing what he though was an Irish dance, it was bloody brilliant and the louder we cheered the faster he went...well worth the time share sale,hehe! He left with the final thing that if anyone shook there hand after the show it would be like they were having an orgasm, super!!
Then that was it, another where did the time a flash Vegas was gone and were on our way to San Francisco to meet the two girls who we met in Dallas. So if you want to go somewhere with the most amazingly designed colourful bulidings, a great atmosphere, super entertainment, the most bizarre sights, where you can see the statue of Liberty, the effiel tower, Brooklyn bridge, a castle that looks like it is from a fairytale book, a pirate ship, pyramids and the sphinx all in one place....then go to LAS VEGAS!!!
Here we come San Francisco... - "If your going to San Francisco - Be SURE to wear a FLOWER in your HAIR" 


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