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Sunrise and Breakfast at the Grand Canyon...

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So after the last blog...please remember crazy lady who was going to rip peoples faces off (it will all become relevant) and we are 45minutes late leaving...
We head to Flagstaff from Phoenix, which should take 2 and a half hours! It ended up taking 5 and a half hours. We broke down by the side of the highway and we needed to make our car rental place by 6 before it closes! The bus has no air con and it is so frickin hot. We are only 30mins from Flagstaff but they are sending a bus from Phoenix which is 2hours away and that is if they set off straight away and we were already 45mins behind were running out of time when this random taxi man stops and says he's going to Flagstaff so offers a lift for and Sam go for it, people weren't happy but Sam was like a bull, not stopping for anyone, not even the lady with a baby,hehe! So we end up in the taxi with a guy going to see his PO (parole officer) and the woman who wanting to kill everyone (now relevant) I think she hadn't taken her medication because she was nice in the taxi....still totally mental and didn't listen just talked but at least she wasn't angry...her name was Doris,hehe! So anyhow we make the car rental place...just!!! and it is now too late to head up to Grand Canyon! After we pick up the car we need to get some "gas" we get to the station and you have to put your card in the pump, Sam was having a right job in this full station  when the lady comes over the tanoy saying "pump number 9 your card is declined" Sam was so embarrassed, it was sooo funny. Then she came over to help, she was a skinny old lady with one of those checked thick jackets...she obviously didn't have her glasses, so she was very close to the pump, squinting and her teeth out with concentration.
Even though it didn't seem like it at the time we were very glad for the whole bus incident. We got up at 3.30 in the morning so we could drive up to the Canyon and see the sunrise. So after a hour and a half drive through a little road through the woods we get to the bit where you have to pay and it says booth closed, enjoy the Grand yes people that is correct we did not have to pay, how great is that (it would of cost $70) we get there and the place is pretty quiet but there is shuttle bus which we get up to the most Eastly point which is best to see the sun come up. So we get a great spot on a rock (not a suprise) wow people i can't even describe to you the beauty of it....really was amazing. 
We head back to get ourselves ready then head to another point of the canyon to eat breakfast, we find a lovely little spot...before we tuck in to our lucky charms we take a view photo and then along come mr squirrel who steals a charm out of sams pot! We try and scare him off but he obviously had a sugar rush and would not go away and Sam was freaking out, say "he's going to get us!!" so we make run for it to find somewhere else, luckily we lost him but i've never seen Sam eat her breakfast so quick incase he came back! 
We then headed to Desert view which was a 30minute drive but you could see the colardo river then that was it...time to say goodbye to grand Canyon and head back to Flagstaff to go to Las Vegas.
Were going to LAS VEGAS BABY, wohooooo!!! 


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