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So bus from Alburquerque to Phoenix was packed, we almost didn't get to sit together until some guy moved for us. Normally i would welcome some alone time but this bus was full of what we would call "hicks" There was a little gang of them, one of which was very vocal and was a fan of being heard. He hated Obama, he was saying how great he was in a fight, that's why his hand was smashed up, his wife had a mental breakdown, his kids got taken away from him (the last two statements i am not at all suprised about) and so much more. So after hours of listening to him and his group jabber on we made it to Phoenix but not with out a few pieces of drama on the way. A poor man had a fit and collapsed in the aisle so paramedics came on the bus and he went off in an ambulance after he had a cigarette of course. Then at one of the stations a man got on who was helping a blind man, they finally got a seat on this very cluttered bus and the driver kicks them off and says the helper is drunk and has to get the next bus...the helper is shouting "i have allergies man, it's my allergies" while dragging the little blind man down the bus behind him and at some pace. 
So were at Phoenix and it's Sunday (sunday service and we need to get 2 buses), we just see the bus we think we need pulling away so we have to wait 30mins for the next one. When it comes were on the wrong bloody side. So we hump our stuff across the street and wait another 30mins for the bus....bearing in mind people it is fricking hot and there is these little ants that have no fear, just trying to jump on you at any cost! The bus comes and we get a nice driver that again tells us "mind, where your getting off is not very safe so be careful, i'm just looking out for you" people just can't help themselves can they and i know they are just being nice but it's just not helpful. It's like when people tell you to drive safe...what do they expect you to do!!! So we get off and the bus we need pulls away so yes we wait another 30mins for the bus. We finally arrive at our motel 2hours after we arrived in Phoenix which would have been a 10minute car drive,hehe! Our motel is really nice...has a hot shower, big bed and a t.v....heaven!
The next day we have a bit of a lie in then head out for some lunch and find this cheap sushi was bloody beautiful, it was the first time we weren't eating some kind of something in a bun or noodles from a microwave. After what seemed like a more healthy meal we had a look around Phoenix and noticed that in the evening there was a baseball game on, so we decided to head back to the motel for an hour then go to the game. On the way i saw a good photo opportunity with statue kids doin the ring ring roses, so i walk round via the grass and encounter so very slimy, wet my flip flops get stuck and i end up getting rather muddy everywhere on my bottom half and even my arms after pulling the flip flop out of the mud it shoots up and gets myself in the sprinklers then another one starts spraying me from another direction,ahhhh.....bloody children. 
So we head out to the baseball game which was the Arizona D back's against LA Dodgers. When we get to the stadium a ticket tout man asks if we want a ticket, we say depends on the price so he takes us down the back alley and we do some haggling and get a good price. When we return back to head to the stadium a police officer has stopped some young lad asking if he got a ticket from the tout...he saying "no i just got a map from him" Me and Sam jump into the closest shop until the cost is clear. We get good seats in the front row but sit next to a couple of hicks who shout quite abit and who are sharing some sunsflower seats and spend the whole game spitting out the shell where ever they want...Sam was disgusted,hehe! 
The game was good, the dodgers won 4-2 but i do enjoy the entertainment in between we had little children in hot dogs running on the spot, men in giant heads racing round the pitch, the baseball song and the national athem is always good entertainment. 
Waiting at the bus station at Pheonix greyhound we've got your token crazy lady talking about ripping someomes face off. The guy behind us makes the mistake of being rude and swearing at the big black lady who works in the shop who gets security (telling him the story in a very animated way) and he is not riding with us to Flagstaff...he kept saying where's the manager and she would reply i am the fucking manager (brilliant!) We are now 45mins behind schedule and as usual no one has even acknowledged that and not at one point did they keep us informed about how long it would be...WELCOME TO THE GREYHOUND!
So were now heading to Flagstaff to pick up our car and go see the Grand Canyon, were both very excited....


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