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Hot Dogs, Jumping Frogs...... ALBUQUERQUE

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After we change buses from Amarillo with another bus driver on a power trip and head on our way its 3 am and we are both pretty tired and try to sleep as we are hungover aswell from our Saloon / Mcdonalds escapade, a very large man starts chattering on about his life to a real skinny trucker guy who looked like he could do with as few tacos shoved in him. He was loud and pretty much everyone around us was trying to sleep - my ipods battery had gone so had to listen to him jibbering on for hours on end. Then when he FINALLY falls asleep he is one of the loudest snorers (possibly challenging my dad) Well Albuqurque, New Mexico what can i say? We get there at dawn and its pretty cold and we are wondering looking around for our hostel.  We pass a few police cars on 5th street and we are stopping at 10th street, when we get there its on the news that there has been a murder on 6th street (ARRRGGGHHHH) We eventually get there and the guy who is a manager welcomes us in, strong cup of coffee in hand and we must have looked pretty tired at 7AM as he says i know your both booked into the dorm room but i will put you into the private room so you can get some rest! We did so for a few hours and then got ready to head to the American football game at the University of New Mexico (the lobos). 
We took the bus down towards the stadium and rush to get off at our stop we werent really paying attention and jump off our seats, as we do we leave the camera on the seat and the bus pulls away!! Sarah tries to run after it but it just keeps going, so it wasnt a great start to the day. We asked every bus that went passed to radio to other drivers and some were great at helping us some others werent but we have the info to try and get it back "if" it has been handed in! Anyway we have another camera so our advernture continues but will have to wait until mummy Morgan sends us the camera lead to upload those ones. 
We get to the game and its getting so hot, we both had jeans on as we asked the guy at the hostel if it was going to be hot today! He says not so much, both sweating from the running after buses and walk to the game we approach the stadium and the atmosphere is electric. I have never been to an American Football game before and I was excited! There were proper cheerleaders who were just like proper acrobats being thrown in the air, a brass band, mascots, flag wavers, water boys and tv cameras the absolute works! It was a carnival type atmosphere and it all looked so professional for a University game. Back home at Uni when we played sports there were no crowds at all, this stadium was huge!!!
The game of American Football has to be possibly the most difficult game to understand, Sarah and I are sporty people and watch a variety of sports. We get by watching the plays that they make and the touchdowns, now they were exciting. One of the guys on the team otherwise known as the 'kicker' only comes on to kick it between the sticks and then runs back off again, BIZARRE. The game is broken up into 4 quarters of 15 mins at half time there was a show of 2 spanish dancers and a couple of people dressed in a wooly cow / bull outift (they looked like an Aberdeen Angus) whilst the 200 strong brass band were playing around them. Not sure the significance as the mascots are wolves, maybe cos we were in New Mexico - who knows? There was also the announcement of homecoming King and Queen, there were 3 pairs of possible candidates walking onto the field. It was very funny actually, i couldnt believe they were marching out to be a homecoming King and Queen - when they were announced the students went mad! Flocking around them like they were celebrities! We were sat near the away supporters and they were crazy, high fiving jumping up and down and ringing a bell all the way through the game! This blonde lady was mental she kept running up and down the stairs. After about 4 hours of the game due to the start / stop plays  we decide to head back to a payphone to speak with the bus depot. New Mexico lost 48-45 so it was a good game to watch, as usually in the NFL (the pro league) there arent as many successful plays made so all in all a very good experience of my first American Football game. 
We head back to Central and try the payphone, surprise surprise its not working. SO decide to go to a pharmacy to get some batteries for our other camera. There is a lady sitting at the bus stop with a bright pink t shirt on, she starts talking to me about how nice my bag is and how pretty my eyes are (thats right, i thought here we go again attracting another looney). Anyway i ask her when the next bus is coming and she gets her phone out and calls the number we have been trying to call on the payphone, as she is doing this i tell Sarah who she is calling and the lady lets us use her phone. Sarah gets a woman who says that lost & found is only open Monday to Friday and there is a procedure to file a report (nothing is ever easy eh?) We thank the lady for letting us use her phone and she gets on the same bus, she tells us where to get off and when we are done we head back to the another bus to take us back to our hostel. The lady with the pink top emerges out from taco bell and says to me hope you like chicken flatbreads as i have some for you and your friend. She ACTUALLY bought us dinner for our bus ride home, i couldnt believe it! I keep trying to pay for them but she wont accept and Sarah thinks she fancies me but i thought she was just abit loopy and loved the fact we were from England. 
Back to the route 66 hostel safe and sound, all tucked up in our private room ready to get sorted to head to Phoenix, Arizona. New Mexico was a great experience, just hope somebody handed in that camera which i very much doubt but who knows! Just passed into Arizona state and its beautiful, alot of idylic landscape to look at on this bus trip. 


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