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Howdy Dallas...

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After a long journey we make it too Dallas and head to the train station so we can take a train to our hostel...a nice man shows us the system for buying a ticket...i think what a nice man but as they say nothings for free, he then asks for money for his train fair...For god sake i am bloody suprised when we don't get asked for money. So we said "no" and got on our way to the hostel.We arrived and met the guy who runs it (Carlos) and he instanly was very helpful and took us to the dollar store so we could get some dinner. He also said that tomorrow he was taking everyone to a saloon for dance lessons, cheap drinks and a balloon drop at 1am where you could win money if you popped the right balloons, so he asked if we wanted to go...we said "Hell yeah!"
Back at the hostel there was two girls from Burnley, a guy from Wales and a girs from Surrey staying at this hostel that was just like a house, they were all watching X factor when we got back...our kind of people. The two girls Danielle and Laura were great fun and we instanly hit it off and we've arranged to meet up with them in San Francisco. We watched some t.v and Carlos was showing us all the dance we would be doing in the Saloon so we wouldn't be totally clueless....Sam picked it up great and I of course was the laughing stock because i was so terrible, was good fun though.
The next day we got up early so we could go to Fort Worth which is a 30min train ride to the place that is like an old cowboy town with lots of saloons and they did a cattle drive everyday. We got there a bit too early so we had some chips and dips in the park where i had time to practice my dance...not knowing there was a bunch of old men behind me watching, they found it all very entertaining. Before the cattle ranch, out came all the cowboys to answer any questions people had, Sam enjoyed meeting all the horses and now has the idea in her head she will be buying one at some point...hmmm! The cattle drive was pretty cool but not as many cows as i would of liked, i was thinking it would be a scene from Australia or something but never the less first cattle drive i've ever seen! After that we headed to Dallas to see where Kennedy had been shot and of course they had a museum for the whole thing, crazy Americans,hehe!
We headed back to the hostel to get ready...put on our dancing shoes, cowboy hats and checked shirts (were a fan of the cliches) When we got to the "Red River Saloon" there wasn't one person in a cowboy hat,hehe! The dancefloor was a circle and in the middle was the bar. They straight away got the lesson going, i hadn't even had a glass of wine yet but went for it anyhow and got paired up with an old man called Henry, it was also his first time at the dance...recipe for disaster right there. We stumbled all over each other and got in everybodys way so a couple traded partners with us just to help us get the hang of it. We got back together and did a little better but everytime they introduced a new move we got confused and just stuck to what we kind of knew, counting all the way round "1,2,..1,2,3..1,2,3..1'2' so we did that for an hour and a half! I said goodbye and thankyou to Henry and hello to my glass of wine. Everyones thinking what was Sam going, well people she got up for one song then spent the rest of the time drinking and chatting....i know  i was also suprised! 
The night carried on with more drinks, mechanical bull rides, pool and dancing. The only problem being that the dance floor was quite small and the people of Texas take it very seriously and just go round and round with their partners all night. At one point Sam was dancing, just having fun and some man said to her "we don't dance like that and she was offending him" hehe!  I of course did my knee slide a few times and attempted the worm. I actually loved the whole thing though, i know i'm not all mushy but i found it all very romantic and quite magical! Then a song came on and they all started doing this certain dance, it was like a scene from a movie. We all got involved and tried our best. It came to the balloon drop and by then it was pretty late and you could say we were a bit worse for wear but me and Sam bagged $20 between us so not bad for popping a balloon. 
So the night ended and we got in a taxi making sure there was no meter and we were paying $30 only, he didn't argue and we had the idea that he would drop us off at the mcdonalds, which is a 5minute walk form the hostel. When we get there only the drive through is open so we start tring to get some food anyhow and just generally being annoying. Next thing we knew there are four police cars...when they arrive Danielle is banging on the Macdonalds window, i've sat down in a shrubbery area, Sam and Laura are heading across the road to Burger king...the police call back out to them "ma'ma ma'ma could you get back here" they shout "were going to burger king" but eventually come back and the police officer proceeds to say "you either get in the police car and we take you back to your hostel or you'll all be under arrest" So we get a lift back, which is a bonus because we didn't have to walk,hehe! While riding in the police car, Sam reads on the scanner "white girls in cowboy hats banging on the window at Macdonads"
We all woke up having lots of good memories but feeling a little fragile...Me and Sam head to Mcdonalds, it was beautiful! We just relax at the hostel and then Carlos offered to give us a lift to the bus station, what a legend. Carlos is a talker but luckily he's a pretty interesting guy! He shot wild hogs (apparently Texas is trying to get rid of them) he saved a woman who broke her ankle on a walk, he's been banged up (we not sure what for) hes been married once and they got divorced after two years because he cut up her bank cards, he has had lots of women since then (a few rich ones) he can shoot a target from two miles away, he rings his friends when there is a cheap gas station, he is a big fan of anything cheap and i could go on and on but certainly runs the hostel like it's your home!
So we are now on the bus heading to Albuqurque, stopping to transfer in Amarillo....


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