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We are walking in Memphis...

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It's around 8pm and were about to arrive at the Greyhound bus station and talking about dropping off our bags then going to get some food....then a rather large guy behind us with lots of hair on his face and not much on his head pops his head round the seat and says (in a kind of creepy way) "Don't go out at night around here" so we get to our hotel all like "what shall we do" So i ask the lady at reception and she says it's fine  and where is best to go. I told her if i do end up getting stabbed i will be back to complain. 
So we head out to Beale street which is a strip of bars and tacky gift shops. It is full of life, lights, live music and street performers....great place and police cars at either end of the street so very safe (stupid man!!) So we have a wonder and decide that we will hit a few bars tomorrow night and guess what i spotted.............oh yes "Coyote Ugly" i am excited already!
So we woke up and headed to breakfast which is right next to the hotel reception desk and the poor girl on the reception was not having a good morning. An English woman got really mad her because they didn't have any tea and she wanted to get a bus to a destination at 3blocks down from the hotel...that is literally a 2minute walk and she was mad that the woman couldn't help...THREE BLOCKS, WHATTT!! (and no she was really fat!) Then some guy wants to change rooms and she's like "there is one upstairs" he has to go back and consult with his wife and comes back to say she is scared of heights so it needs to be a bottom floor room...seriously people it's lower than the height of a house, betting they live in a bungalow! Some people get a kick out of being awkward, don't they!
All the time in Memphis we have Cher's song in our heads and we keep singing it over over again (walking in Memphis) we head out to find Sun Studios...the place where Elvis was first discovered and made his first single. There is also lots of other big artists who had recorded there. When get there and decide to go on tour of the studio which was a super price, always a bonus. The man doing the tour had massive side burns and slick back hair but made the tour fun and told us lots of cool information and we got to hear song clips from the recording times of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Howling Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis and other top artists. Sam was also very relieved that we had a guide because it meant she didn't have to answer all my relentless questions. 
After the tour we got the free shuttle to check out Grace Land. The tour up to the house was lots of money and you could only got to go on the bottom floor and to be honest looking at someones grave stone is not a fun thing to do and i'm not a huge fan of peoples houses  (unless it is cribs and they have a room that is a basketball court or a cinema room) Anyhow... so instead we climbed (well i needed some help but i got there but Sam did cleverly pick the smaller wall) the wall around Graceland so we could get photos, the wall had been written on by thousands of people  leaving messages for Elvis...i added Pac man. Then we headed to his plane and took photos over the fence, we could see it just fine! 
We headed out in the evening for first "real" drink of the trip. Beale street is amazing place, full of live bands and very cool bars. We headed into a bar with a live blues band, they played lots of good tunes that we could have a dance to...Sam got a giant cup of beer and i classed it up with a bottle of cider! While were having a dance a older lady who was perspiring an awful lot came up and asked me to dance and said we looked really cute dancing...she had a very wrinkly face, a butch tattoo on her arm and a Harley Davison shirt on....i said maybe later. At one point Sam went to the bar and she swooped in like a hawk and started dancing beside me, didn't say a word and kept giving me the eye....this new hair is doing me no favours,hehe! So after lots of dancing and cool tunes we moved on to THE BEST BAR EVER!!!! We went to Coyote Ugly, there was pool, women dancing on the bar, bra's everywhere and of course alcohol. We started to play some pool and were shortly after asked for a game by a couple of guys(George was an old man from Kansas City with a big moustache and olive skin, nice chap!) We were playing for 25cents.....BIG MONEY,hehe! While playing i made an awful shot and guy who was the double of the man in the Green Mile said he had seen me in the last bar and thought i was better than that and he was disappointed but believed in me (if your not sure what the green mile is...he is a massive black guy with arms bigger than my head) i potted my next shot, he said his work was done. (Mam you would have loved him!!) The night continued with drinks being bought for us, dancing and watching people do body shots off the bar maids in a rather provocative manner....AMAZZZING!! Just before we headed home we had a little dance on top of the bar both of us doing the worm, we can't help ourselves,hehe! Then another woman came up to tell us we won the cutest couple award, what is going on! So finished off with a hug from the big guy and people complimenting the worm....we headed home ready for our early wake up to head to Dallas.
So we have just started our journey and we are currently on the way to Dallas...our driver has just made us an hour late by fricken faffing...he looked at the same light about 50 times, i think he has a slight case of OCD, anyhooo were on our way now....Next stop Texas,yehaaaaa!!!!


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